Sunday, January 03, 2021

ASX Money - My New Blog!

Hello, my friend. How are you? It looks like I'm no longer updating this blog for a while. Probably no one is reading this now since the average visitor for this blog is only 10. From few hundred down to ten now. So sad... 

This is probably my last post here because I have a new blog now! It is called "ASX Money" where I focus on investing in Australian stock market. I will most likely dedicated my time there. If you miss me, you can go there! But it is likely you're Malaysian and you won't be interested in ASX Money. :) However, most my stock investment learning is pretty generic. Yeah, go there if you're interested in stock.

During this pandemic, I have started investing in Australian stock and I have learned a lot. However, sometimes I"m not sure I have learned it. So I think it may be good for me to document what I have learned and blogging seems like a good way to achieve it. It can also keep me motivated. 

Alright. Signing off now! See you!

Saturday, June 03, 2017

How To Play Money Game?

When I backed to Malaysia last month, I heard a lot about this "Money Game" term which I've never heard before in the past. I don't think that is an official financial term but that is probably only used in Malaysia (maybe Singapore and China too?) In short, money game is basically a high investment return scheme. In other words, it is known as "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme which is a more proper term. For example, you invest certain amount of money, you can get back 20% of return every month.

What so sad is many are believing money game is actually real and claim that the founder is a genius. We can't blame them because there are actually physical proper office which makes people think they're real? We are not talking about 1 or 2 money game companies but more than 300 of them listed by our Bank Negera Malaysia (BNM) as illegal investment company. Sometimes I just curious, if BNM already know they're illegal, why no actions being taken? Could this be political related?

Good news is these money game companies start getting main media attention recently. Many people have started to aware those schemes are basically not real but in fact is merely a fraud based on the pyramid scheme especially they start not getting back their money. Maybe this is just my hope but in reality, perhaps the awareness of the truth of money game is still at very low level in Malaysia. It seems like this is something that can't be fixed because I have been hearing this since I was a kid!

Well since this is unfixable (although deep in my heart I really hope this can be fixed), I think I may as well teach you how to play this game. At least, I can share with you from my perspective how I will I play this game if I really want to. Here are the only 3 simple rules that I come up which I think you must follow them if you're serious in money game.

Rule 1: Understand Money Game is A Scam

The best investor in this world can only make 20-30% return annually. What make you think this company can make 20% a month for you? Yupe, that is why he is a genius. He makes probably 40% a month and give you 20%. This number basically way too off from the reality. If you can't accept this is scam, this money game is NOT for you.

Rule 2: Invest Like Giving A Donation

You have to imagine like giving a donation. It is basically something that you won't get back. If you don't get back the money, it is fine. If you're okay to donate $1K, then invest $1K or else don't invest at all.

Rule 3: Make Sure The Company Has Lasted for 1 to 1.5 Years

Well this is just my guess. You need to do a little bit research, how long this company has lasted. If it has been just lasted for few months, don't invest. Lasting for more than 1.5 years, don't invest too. Only invest those companies that has lasted between 1 to 1.5 years and don't ask me how I come out with this number. This is purely my gut feeling based on very limited personal statistical data.

Rule 4: Do Not Top Up Your Investment

Make sure you don't top up additional investment. If you really want to invest more, look for another company that meets Rule 3 criteria above. Topping up basically defects the purpose of Rule 3.  Either you don't top up or look for another company if you really want to donate more.

Hope this post is useful to you. Last but not least, I highly recommend you to learn to be a real investor. Don't invest in this kind of no-effort high return investment. If you really want no-effort investment, just invest in Fixed Deposit or Mutual Fund using the dollar averaging strategy. Good luck!

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