Friday, October 12, 2007

No Decision is Right or Wrong

Not really a new thing but since it is mentioned in leadership training, it refreshes me that in real life no matter how much effort you do to decide the best decision, there is always no right or no wrong decision.

This reminds me a same statement that told by brother in many years back. In reality, there is no right or wrong decision. The world is not just black and white. There is an area called gray. You can only make a decision based on your best judgment at that particular time. It could be a right or wrong decision. Most importantly, the right decision now could be a wrong decision tomorrow and vice-versa. The results of your decision changes over time. Cool, isn't it?

Then, I ask myself why do I need to take so much effort to come out the best decision? In real life, we sometimes put too much focus on decision making but neglect that the importance of "after the decision making". I realized I made the same mistake too. What really important is NOT how you make a decision or whether your decision is the right choice or not. But, the most important thing is how you live with the decisions that you have chosen. How do you cope with the wrong decision that you made? How do you turn over your wrong decision to become the right one? How do you learn from the mistake and make a better decision next time?

Often people try their best to come out the best decision but after they find out the decision is wrong, they're depress and disappointed. Then later they lost energy to make a second or third decision. This is because they're focusing at the wrong thing, to come out the best right decision. What I learn in decision making process, whether the decision is right or wrong is not important. It is how we deal with decision that we have made is the place where we all should focus on. So I will just do it (make decision) and don't wait anymore, learn from it and think how we can make it a better choice tomorrow. No right or wrong decision anyway. Focus on how I can survive with the worst decision that I made makes me a better leader tomorrow.


Peky said...

Yup..i agree. In business (or life if you want it)'s call Opportunity Cost! hahaha..We think a lot about the cost of giving up the other option/decision. But in life, what cost more is the price of the consequences of our actions & decisions.

and I've been living my life as though I owe it all to "their" decisions...and i blardy hate that. Cos i'm not living my life at all.

Someday...someday, I'll set myself free.. :) And that will be for eternal... hehe.. Yipeee!!

ChampDog said...

Wow, I learn new thing today - opportunity cost. Thanks for letting me know about it. Ya, the price of consequence of our action is key thing that we want to focus, my opinion.

Setting ourselves free (whatever we define the freedom)is the best thing ever in our life. I can't wait until that moment too! Ya someday, I hope these some day won't take more than 10 years from now(for me).

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