Sunday, November 08, 2009

How are people feeling about the economy now?

Indonesians don't see the economy as bad as it is blown up in the news. They still go on holiday, shop in malls, eat in food courts, travel out of down. Is this what is happening in Malaysia too?

Koreans feel quite positive about the economy now due to the stock index for the key companies in Korea (e.g. Samsung, LG and Hyundai) has risen and showed quite positive business result in the first half of 2009.

UK's people seem to be confused due to the conflicting message in the UK media - Things are going to get worse? Things are starting to look more positive? The recession is already over? While many become lost in negativity, there are equally many who have more positive feeling towards the economy.

Australians are caught in uncertain time which binds them into a state of inertia. In short, they don't know what to do to react to the current economy situation. Interest rates are low, services could not be better and etc. Majority of them do not expect economy upturn anytime soon.

Americans have overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and it is unclear what the next is. No one thinks the economy is getting better. 5% of Americans say they're undecided on economy's direction. 13% of Americans say the economy is staying the same. 82% of Americans say the economy is getting worse.

Malaysians are optimistic about the economy. They feel secure, they make plans for the future, they get married, they buy cars and houses, they grow their wealth with stocks, bonds and unit trust. 58% of Malaysians think the economy will get better quickly. Based on my personal experiences (since I'm Malaysian), more than 70% of people around me buying new house and new car. So, are we really optimistic about the economy now?

As you can see people from Asia are generally optimistic about the economy situation now as compared to American and European. What is your opinion on this?


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Alvin said...

actually, i'm not so optimistic. ahhaha

Mt. said...

there are reasons why they are optimistic. indeed relatively we are doing better than the west.

ChampDog said...

I wonder what are the reasons. Is ignorance one of the reasons? :) Hahaha.... I agree that relatively we're doing better. :)

stock market for beginners said...

It is only the media that tells us the economy is at its worst. Sometimes, media is bad because its only a facade behind the real truth.

ChampDog said...

Without media, it is still bad too...

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