Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lifespan vs. Income in the Past & Future

This is an interesting video and yet easy to be understood by Hans Rosling (a Swedish medical doctor and satistician) explaining the world progress in the past 200 years ago. Here you go and enjoy! :)

In case you don't get it yet, how big is the bubble represents population size of a countries. Brown or light orange bubbles refer to Europe. Yellow bubbles refer to USA. Red bubbles refer to Asia and Blue bubbles refer to Africa,

There are few interesting things that I get from this video:

  • I don't know we die so early in 200 years ago which is below age of 40? Please note that the 40 years old is the top and average it should be (40 + 25) / 2 = 32 years old. Huh? Averagely we can live until 32 years only in 200 years ago? Interesting...
  • You may notice very big swing in some of the countries and I guess it is probably due to the War or tragedy (e.g. diseases) that happened to those countries. That's why you see such big swing on the income or the lifespan. You can look at the action replay at the end of this video. OR is it mainly for animation purpose? I could be wrong...
  • As what is expected, rich & poor gap in China is demonstrated. Shanghai wealth is like Italy and Guizhou wealth is like Pakistan and etc. I like the way how he splits the bubble... 
  • Everyone is moving towards the "Rich & Healthy" direction. So let's extrapolate the graph, everyone will be "Rich & Healthy" in 100 years later? Hmm... how true is this? So, no bell curve? 
  • Moving forward, my best guess is probably everyone will be healthy but NOT everyone will be rich. The lifespan will be increased to a certain limit (e.g. 80 years old) but the gap for the income should still be there or maybe even serious in 100 years later. The rich will become richer, the poor will become poorer and the middle class stays where they are and trying to survive. It is probably just shifting the graph (e.g. 40K income become a middle class income). What do you say?
P/S: I love the way how he presented his idea using graphs with animation. Cool isn't it? Apparently he has many other interesting videos too. Have fun to browse around them!


Mt. said...

awareness is key.

200 years ago, ppl are not aware of heart attack, deceases etc. Today we know so we live longer.

if we are aware of all the terminal disease in personal finance as well as we do in medical today, we may as well be as rich as 80 years old . . . ie. double our wealth now (40 yrs old)

ChampDog said...

Yes, I was just shock with the data which means if I were now in 200 years ago, I might already dead!

Well said about the terminal disease in personal finance. So, it is a matter of "awareness"! :)

Alvin Lim said...

200 years later, i think we'll be even more advanced as there might be cures for HIV n Cancer :)

ChampDog said...

Yes, I'm sure it will. :)

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