Sunday, July 24, 2011

Veterans, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y and Z

I do not know about this generation stuff after I have gone through a training. So I think that is worth to share with you all about these 5 generations (i.e. Veterans, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z). I think it is important to understand the behavior or characteristics of these generations which may help you in all aspects. Here you go the high-level summary of all these 5 generations:

High-Level Summary

Veterans Baby Boomers Gen X Gen Y Gen Z
Born Year < 1946 > 1946
< 1964
> 1995
Behavior Very conservative and discipline
                  Very respect law and order
Very optimistic and work-centric
          Believe employment is for a life.
Well educated generation
            Not interested in long-term careers
Very technology wise
         Expect great workplace flexibility
Never known a life without the internet
   Communicate through social network.

Veterans are very comfortable with directive, command and control management style. They prefer live to be predictable and not willing to change and not flexible. This is probably due to the effect of world war I and world war II because they have seen the worst.

Baby boomers tend to be very optimistic and work-centric. They will never think the employer will fire them. The reason why it is being called as baby boomers in this generation was due to the sudden increase of birth rates after the world war II.

Gen X has the “slacker” or “lazy” mentality because they born with almost everything ready. They are the first generation that has gone through day care, tuition and etc. Thus, most of the Gen X people are well educated. Loyalty is no longer in their mind, they change job or career frequently as long as they;’re unhappy. Work-life balance was invented by this generation!

Gen Y is very technology wise. They love gadget! They are way optimistic than the previous generations. They really want to do something that they really enjoy. Similar to Gen X but more extreme, they don’t give a damn about loyalty at all.

Gen Z is also know as Internet Generation. Most communication are gone through social network (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) and they do not understand or have not experienced the life without an internet.


Well, there is no hard rule. Let’s say if you’re Gen X, you must behave like Gen X. From one generation to another, they are always an overlap. Let’s take myself as an example – I belong to Gen X but I do not change job often, does that mean I”m baby boomer? At the same time ,I love gadget every much too! Well, I love to communicate through social network as well! It seems like I overlap 4 generations!

What it really means here is I can understand all types of generations and be part of them. lol When you’re one of them, it is easier for you to communicate or manage them.

Which generation you belong to? I bet you’re from Gen Y. : ) If wrong, then it should be Gen X! :) lol Hope article is useful to you!


Mt. said...

i was Z then Y then X, eventually I will be a veteran.

Kris said...

I don't being to loyal to a company really pay off. We are ronins instead of samurais.

ChampDog said...

lol. You're missing the baby boomers!

ChampDog said...

Then Kris, what do you loyal to?

Kris said...

The corporate world nowadays are not so secure like the olden days where you can work in the same company until you reach retirement age.

Nowadays, everyone is

Imagine that you contributed so much to a company and spend your youth and energy there, and suddenly being told to leave the company with any compensation.

ChampDog said...

Yes that's true. Things are now different and everyone is replaceable including your boss, your CEO ...

Kris said...

So when i heard higher management "talk" not to jump ship and remain loyal for a better offer, I take it as BS.

So what is your backup plan? Interested to know..

So I will be a ronin :P

ChampDog said...

There are pros and cons staying to a company for too long. :) My backup plan is to consistently make myself have a market value. Can that be considered as backup plan?

Blogging is also one of my backup plan. :) Hopefully the earning will be enough to spend for my retirement.

Kris said...

Haha..Not sure whether blogging can earn alot of become a very famous one.

I do note that most financial bloggers are very shy type and rarely shows their faces in the blogs. :P

ChampDog said...

You mean me or yourself? :) lol Perhaps most of them focus on the content rather than who they really are.

For me is I want to maintain such privacy as I don't want this to interfere with my existing professional job if possible.

That's why only some of my very closed friends know about this blog. :)

What about you? Show me your handsome face! :)

maveric said...

Ha...I am definitely a baby boomer & the traits descriptions are spot on...optimistic,work-centric & believe in life-long employment!

For the above attributes,you need to persevere..I kind of wonder now whether perseverance is a worthwhile virtue or a hindrance to one actually getting out of an existing job predicament..!? I also kind of wonder as to what my true potential would have been had I seize some opportunities that came my way...anyway,no regrets as things did not turn out too bad!!

ChampDog said...

I still have some baby boomers gene although I"m gen X because I like being stay within a company for a long time. :) LoL!!!

maveric said...

Look..a corporation is pretty neutral & some mnc's are a dream to work is rather our conflict & incompatibility with in most cases our immediate 'higher-up' that cause all the unpleasantness ....perseverance comes in to ride out this tormenting period! ( as the saying goes 'no bad time last forever' & it applies to good times as well ) One needs to consciously savage a bad situation/ never pays to 'fight' the boss..!!

In my 30+ years in corporate life,I do wonder if it was my blessing to have more good than bad times or was it a conscious & continuous effort to cultivate cordial relationship with the people I come in contact with....?

ChampDog said...

Perhaps you're right. I changed many bosses within a company and somehow I"m still very compatible with them maybe except one but that only last for 6 months. :) lol!

However for new generation, I don't think they look for this compatibility. Maybe they're continuously looking for challenge and cannot stop at one place for too long.

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