Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Deal with Anonymous Call Smartly?

I”m not sure why lately I have been receiving so many anonymous calls either there are from banks, internet providers, or others. They usually call you to sell their promotions and most of the time is “FREE”! :) But the strange thing is most of these offers or promotions are not mentioned in their official website according to those who call me. Huh? Oh yes, they usually say this only for phone call promotion and you’re one being selected.

How to deal with anonymous call smartly?

That depends on whether you’re single and available or not? Yes, you do not hear wrongly. When you’re single, you want to meet people as many as possible and you do not want to miss a single chance to miss your future wife. Sorry, I’m talking from a male perspective because >90% of such call is coming from a pretty voice lady. :D Okay, so how should you deal with such call?

These are the few options you can choose:

Option 1: For Male and Single :)

Anonymous call: This is calling from XXXX. We would like to offer you XXXX and it is free. Blah, blah, blah… not sure why they’re very good in taking and usually they talk for quite some time…

You: Yes, I’m interest but can we meet to talk about this in detail? It it is very hard for me to understand what your’re talking without talking to your face to face. Also, can I have your h/p number as well just in case I do not see you so that I can call you?

Your objective here is to meet. That’s it and drive the conversation to meet her no matter what she talks. If she doesn’t want to or imply not to, just say “Bye Bye” to her and “Sorry I can’t understand this without talking to the person 1:1”.  This option is not for everyone especially you’re female. But if you’re male and single, are you sure you do not want to go for option 1? lol!!!

Option 2: For Interested People

If you are interested in the promotion or the offer, you still want to meet them but make sure you meet them in their office. For example, if bank calls you, make an appointment with them in bank and just remember do not make an appointment outside of the bank.

What if this offer or promotion only for phone call? You have 2 options. First option is to reject, the second option is continue to analyse this person. But go for this option only if you think you’re smart. What you need to do is to “Wait and See” what information that he/she is trying to get from you and try to minimize providing your information to him/her.

These are few things to consider when they start asking information from you:
  • Are those information relevant? Assuming if they ask about your credit card number, what they need this information for since the offer is free? You can ask them and listen to their respond whether is reasonable. 
  • Don’t they already have such information? Think of this way, why the bank wants to ask for your credit card number since they already have it? You can just tell them, you already have it. :)
  • Verify them by asking them few questions about your personal. What is my I/C number? What is my email address? Ask few more if possible. If they don’t know, just challenge them. They should already know such information.

Option 3: For Not Interested People

I’m usually this type of people but I’m little bit polite at first (usually) because I do not reject them directly. I still want to know what they offer also and to verify them at the same time. This is how I usually go:

Me: Can you please send me the information to my email? I will get in touch with you if I”m really interested. 

Anonymous call: Sorry, I don’t have your email. Can you give me your email?

Me: You should already have my email.

Anonymous call: I don’t have.

Me: Then, you will have to figure out that yourself.

Most of my accounts are linked to my email but if they don’t have it, then it is something wrong already. Don’t you think so? If they really do not have my email,  I think that is the problem that they need to figure out.

Which option do you choose usually?

I tried option 1 before when I was young. lol!  Unfortunately in practical, they don’t want to meet you! :D So I don’t get any chances to meet those  cute voice pretty girls.

For option 2, I tried that before too but it ends up they can’t explain why they need such irrelevant information from me. It was like about few years ago.

For option 3, I tried a lot these days because the anonymous calls are really a lot. So far, I only received 1 email out of don’t know how many calls and it turned out is the valid one. Later, I met the banker in bank to understand their products more and it turned out is a pretty lady. Not bad huh? But at the end, I still do not buy from them.

Any experience that you would like to share?
P/S: I talked about this because I have a friend’s family member getting cheated by this type of anonymous call. What surprises me is the banks also do that. I think banks should stop calling people to promote their products because many cannot tell whether they’re real and this also creates scam opportunity! Don't you guys think so?


Kris said...

Haha..good nice :P

Option 1 is as follows:

Sweet voice don't tally with Better way is to ask for facebook account together with handphone.

Banks like to give our information to the credit card department to earn additional income.

I always get calls asking whether i want to get some personal loan or credit transfers. So i just say that i am busy (which is the truth) end of story...haha

ChampDog said...

lol! You have a point! Should ask Facebook as well!

I used to say busy but they always call back. I said busy and they call back again some time later! So I just use different strategy.

LCF said...

I tried this and it works. Basically, I said, I don't need additional credit card, so the other party will keep on pestering me what credit card I am using and what's their benefit. Then, I said, "Look, if I tell you this, you are going to say my credit card is no good. I know where this is going, and you will end up pissing me off. If you piss me off, I'll end up making your day a bad day as well. So I don't want to get pissed off today, and I don't want to make your day any worse although I understand you have a job to do. I am really not the guy you are looking to sell to today. It's not worth your time because I have no intention to buy whatever you are offering. So can we end this conversation on a friendly note? I wish you all the best"

ChampDog said...

That's is the nice one! :) But sometimes it is not credit cards, it could be other stuff and you do not know what they're selling.

It takes some time for the explanation but I do not want to hear the explanation also. So what I do is I usually ask them to email me the information and very minority of them get back to me.

Can still use your suggested method at the first place even without hear anything from them but I just feel not that nice to reject stuff that you haven't give a chance for them to explain.

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