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Average Salary in Australia by Industry

If you’re planning to migrate to Australia especially as a skilled immigrant, the first thing that in mind is what kind of job that you can get there and what is the average salary. Table below shows the average salary in Australia by different industries:

Industry AUD / Year
Accountant 85,944
Engineering 128,589
IT & Telecommunication 100,572
Marketing 89,904
Admin / Office Support 54,037
Mining, Oil & Gas 155,860
Human Resources & Recruitment 89,386
Manufacturing 84,712
Construction, Building & Architecture 122, 055
Education & Training 64,824

The top 3 highest income industries are, Mining/Oil & Gas, Engineering and Construction/Building & Architecture. Engineering is the second highest income among all the industry! This seems to be a good news to me but it is not really (in case you do not know, I’m in Engineering field). This is because when you look into more details of “Engineering field” job opportunity that you can find in Australia, almost none of them are related to semi-conductor field (which is my exact field in engineering). So, this doesn’t look good to me. If you have friends who work on any semi-conductor field in Australia, I appreciate you can share me the information. :)

Interestingly, IT & Telecommunication is at the fourth place. No wonder the immigration agents got back to me with all kind of IT related questions. Unfortunately,  I do not have the real IT experiences too. If I really need to get a job there, it seems like I need to really expand my skill sets beyond my existing industry either by self-learning or changing my career now within Malaysia to other industry. However, not all experiences can be learned through self-learning. Change to other industry? I may need to think twice because all my existing experiences in my current industry will be all wasted.

As you can see, there are challenges to migrate to another country. It is not as easy as I thought unless I have plenty of cash but that is not considered as skilled immigrant already. It is more like migration with “Money”! – means the country wants you not because of your skills but your money.  This may be a better route for me but the challenge is I will need to make sure that the cash is enough for me to retire there and it is still better I can get a job there. Or else I feel like a useless guy there.

Just a piece of information to share with you guys since researching in migration to Australia in one of my 2012 resolutions


Alvin Lim said... wonder IT folks are so poor all over the world? except for maybe India. LOL

ChampDog said...

Okay what. Not that bad compare to the rest! and the IT skills that you have can apply to all companies!

Kris said...

You ever consider Singapore?

Alot of my friends are heading there.

Never knew engineering can pay a goo d salary in Australia. I thought being in the medical field aka doctor, surgeon , dentist could get lucrative salaries.

Well, finance related industry don't pay that well though in general it seems from your data.

In Singapore, since it is a financial hub, the pay can be quite high for an accountant, etc.

ChampDog said...

If going to Singapore, I will prefer Malaysia because I think they are about the same. Most of my course mates have already become a PR there. Probably is good if you're fresh grad and straight away work there after graduation.

I'm not sure about that but those are considered self employed and it not reflected in this data. I have a relative who is a doctor in Australia cannot stand on the government policy on clinic. There are certain rules (e.g. operating hours0 that you need comply to that make you have no difference or worst than become an employee. :D

farmland as an investment said...

Wow, 155,000 in oil and gas and mining! It would be interesting to know if these are managers, or just people doing the actual and drilling out in the remote sites?

ChampDog said...

I guess this is because the nature of the job is more dangerous than the rest. :)

lyn said...

Champdog, what about NZ? Would you consider NZ? Oil and Gas is the most profitable business, which explains why the pay is high. It is alwayz high. It appears that getting a job in NZ is easier than AU. A friend of mine who has obtained PR cant get a job in AU.

LCF Personal Finance said...

Hi Champ, regarding this "If I really need to get a job there, it seems like I need to really expand my skill sets beyond my existing industry either by self-learning or changing my career now within Malaysia to other industry. However, not all experiences can be learned through self-learning." --> I think if one's career is not in a field, it does not matter if he has expert non-working experience. Example, if I say I do Labview programming as a hobby, but I am an RF engineer, don't think most company which uses will hire me, unless got some connection inside, and they truly recognizes your skills.

Good info on being a doctor in Aus. I recalled that I was sick previously in US during a company trip, and no clinics are open on weekends!

ChampDog said...

@lyn It seems to me to get a job in NZ is as hard as AUS. In fact, I think AUS has more job opportunity? I"m not sure. Another thing is I'm not sure if I will be too bored in NZ.

@LCF, ya connection is the key. Most of my friends get a job in US because of connection. But still because of the exact relevant skill. So, are you saying that self-learning unlikely going to work?

In Australia, most of my friends (just few) that I know of only start looking for a job after migrating there. Does this really work? I don't know. I think they're brave.

Anonymous said...

You know Champ Dog, for a 155,000 dollars, I might well put a hard hat on and work on a drilling rig at some remote site. That would be considered more in the area of laborer or "blue collar", but that kind of salary is probably more than just a small percentage of people in the corporate world make. Plus, those guys are probably having more fun. Wow! Farmland Guy (from above)

ChampDog said...

Are those white or blue collar for Mining, Oil & Gas data? I think the data refers to the white collar and not the blue collar.

Mt. said...

most Australia migration is for :

future kids college fee = 2.3 millions in the next 20 year !?

can NOT achieve that target here ? Migrate ! :)

migrate fee 10k + future college fee 300k = worth every single penny u spent now :)

there is many other 'channels' to go to Aust. Start up a business and keep everything you do in your life in that business account and apply for business migrate. They only looks at turn around, not profit. For example, buy a house of 1 million, do S&P a few times among your parent, wife etc. Your business turn around could be 2-3 millions even though you don't actually earn anything. but its another 'short cut' to migrate.

Don't forget NZ too, their rules are still relax now.

Mt. said...

LCF: connection issue is not that bad in Aust. But whatever u said u r good at in the application form, they will give up another test paper to prove how good your 'technical' skills are. And their test papers are quite relevant and complete covering also real life working experience in that field. So unless one is really good at that particular technical skill, its not as easy to draft a resume in ... Malaysia :)

Finding a job & survive in Aust is not that hard. And don't confuse yourself, whatever you do after you are there, has Nothing to do with what you said you "can do" in your application form.

ChampDog said...

Yes, most people migrate there is for the children future education. So, is it 310K vs 2.3M? If this is so, it seems like the option is pretty clear, isn’t it? How about sending your kid to to local university? It shouldn’t take that much.

About education in Australia, I have one impression that people who are graduated from Australia cannot take or work under pressure – not sure how true this is. Perhaps this is how the culture and environment works in Australia?

Just wondering, are you planning for business migrate for yourself? :D

Thanks.! Will going explore in NZ too since they’re still relax now.

About this comment “don't confuse yourself, whatever you do after you are there, has Nothing to do with what you said you "can do" in your application form.” – it seems like an interviewing skills! :D

kampunginvestor said...

Income tax in Australia is madness ar... Make so much in the end must give back to government.. =.=!!!

ChampDog said...

That's why the government benefits are a lot more better.

lyn said...

Champdog, curious to know what's the biggest factor that you want to migrate to AU?

kampunginvestor said...

Moral of the story, don't pay income tax! ;)

Carrie said...

It's true that most of the Australians can't handle working under enormous pressure, but then it's part of their culture. More easy going =) My aunt migrated there 15 years back & doesn't regret it. Good move & better future for the kids. Am thinking about it too, but gosh I major in electronics & as a fresh grad the rate in Penang is not as high as expected. Love your blog thou~~ very informative! =)

ChampDog said...

@Lyn, biggest few reasons are (I list down the top 3):
1. Future kid education and medical benefits.
2. Change working environment and learn something new.
3. Better government leader.

@Kampunguinvestor, I heard it is a very serious issue if you don't pay tax in Australia. Unlike in Malaysia, money can't solve the problem. You may end up in jail if you get caught!

@Carrie, glad that you enjoy my blog! Good and bad. Handling pressure is one of the key elements of surviving skill. Imagine one day the culture is no longer like it used to be, can the people still able to adapt to such changes?

It also depends on the stages in our life. When we get older, usually we don't want to be that aggressive anymore and slow down. Probably that makes like the culture there!

Doable Finance said...

You have to look at the whole economic environment not just the salary especially your buying power.

ChampDog said...

Yes, buying power and also the living standard. Also how much is the tax bracket as mentioned by kampunginvestor?

But it is still a good starting point to compare with the salary that you're getting at your local currency.

aisha said...

Great Blog!Thanks.! I'll going explore in NZ too since they’re still relax now.

GKJ said...

I am an engineer with about 10 years experience in the oil and gas industry and about 15 years overall experience. My experience is probably not typical as I worked for 12 years prior to starting my engineering degree so although I am in my late 40's someone going straight from school to uni and then to work would probably be in a similar salary bracket as me by the time they were in their mid to late 30's. Most of the other engineers I know - and many are from Asia (I'm originally from UK but 40 years ago) would be earning more than the average and some are on better than A$200K. Generally at this salary level you might have 1 to 5 engineers or technicians reporting to you on a regular or ad-hoc basis (typically project dependent or juniors). Working hours are typically 40/week although 8 - 12 hour/week overtime isn't unusual. Some companies pay overtime directly, others through time in lieu or bonus's. The only field that would consistently pay better than engineering would be medicine, however, the requirements and investment in time is much greater and of course having an aptitude for one does not necessarily give you an aptitude for the other. Coming from a family with several doctors and more engineers I know I am happier as an engineer (also I hate blood and needles - lol). Hope this is of use to any of you want to come to Australia. Oh - and BTW if you do come here please try and adapt to the culture, we can be a bit rough and ready but most Australians I know wherever they are from originally work hard, play hard and have a dry sense of humour.

ChampDog said...

Thanks for the sharing. Yes, I can feel that when I visited there last year, they maybe a little bit rough sometimes. Is that because of racist or something else?

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