Saturday, March 08, 2014

Steps to Rent a Property In Australia

Here are the general steps to rent a property in Australia that I learned lately. I think it should be more or less the same within Australia.

(1) Property Searching

The most popular one is "". I got mine here. You can also try "" but I think it is mostly unofficial - means somebody rents a property from the owner, and then he/she rents out a room to you for example. It is usually cheaper.

Note: A lot of applications (e.g. medicare, car license and etc.) require a proven residential address with your name. Especially if you're the first migrant here, my suggestion is better to go through the official channel, so you have the proof to show that you stay there.

(2) Inspection Appointment

If you are interested in a property, you contact the property agent to make an appointment for inspection. It is a requirement you must inspect the house by yourself.

I tried to negotiate with the agent before I came to Australia whether I can just rent the property by paying my deposit up front. The answer I got is "NO" and this is a policy that everyone must follow. :) So, you must physically present to inspect the property.

(3) Tenancy Application

If you have decided that you want to rent the property, you need to fill up an application form. This application form basically is sent to the property's owner for approval. This means the owner can choose his/her tenant and can reject or approve your application. This also means that you can apply more than one application. You can pull out anytime as long as you haven't signed the lease agreement yet although your tenancy application is approved.

One key thing here is "100 Point Identify Check" requirement. You need to have at least 100 points to prove your identify in this application. Here are the example (depends on the agency):

  • Driver's License (40 points)
  • Passport and Visa (40 points)
  • Birth Certificate (30 points)
  • Other Photo ID (30 points)
  • Student Card (30 points)
  • Medicare Card (20 points)
  • Proof of Income (20 points) - Must
  • Previous 2 Rental Receipts (20 points)
  • Previous Tenancy Reference (20 points)
  • Credit Card (10 points)
  • Telephone Account (10 points)
  • Gas/Electricity Account (10 points)
  • Motor Vehicle Registration (10 points)
  • Bank Statement (10 points)
If you don't have enough 100 points, the application will not be accepted. All documentations need to be in "English". For example if your driver's license is not in English, you need translation copy of it. 

Proof of income is a must. For my case I just show them my job offer letter. If you don't have income yet, I guess as long as you can show them your bank statement with enough cash, they will buy that (I think). 

You also need reference in your application, try to find someone who stays there to be your reference. If you really don't have (better to have one), I think it is okay too. It is up to the property's owner actually.

(4) Lease Agreement

Once your tenancy application is approved, the next step is proceed to signing lease agreement. It has all the details including landlord/tenants information, leasing term (e.g. 1 year), rental price and payment method. 

You're required to pay for rental bond as well (usually is 2 weeks). If your electricity & gas & water, and other stuff are included in the rent, it must be stated clearly there as well in the agreement.

A conditional report relating to the condition of your property must be done too before signing this agreement. Somehow my agent only did this after only I signed the agreement. That is not the right procedure but I just closed one eye.

(5) Collect Keys

Once you have signed the agreement and pay for the rental (including the bond), you can collect keys and start to move in.


Kris said...

Wah.need so many information!!

So how easy was that you got the driving license since that alone is 40 points!!

you use back your malaysian license or got an aussie one?

Getting a aussie driving license is needs alot of requirement also? later chicken and egg story?!

ChampDog said...

Ya lor, it is a process oriented country. There're pros and cons. Just don't be outlier, or else will be troublesome.

For Malaysian driving license, you can only use it for the first 3 months. After that, you can't use it anymore and you will need to get the Aussie car license.

Yes, quite a lot. This is whole flow: (1) Driving Knowledge Test -> (2) Learner License -> (3) Provisional 1 License -> (4) Provisional 2 License -> (5) Full License.

If you're holding Malaysian license, you can skip (2), (3) and (4) and go to (5) directly. However, if you fail (5) only once, you're required to start from (2) again (no longer can skip). So this is just one chance privilege.

kampunginvestor said...

What's the outcome? :)

I am sure you did well ya.


ChampDog said...

I haven't gone through the test yet. Just booked on the test on May. :)

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