Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chinese Marriages Cost More than US$16,000

In case you’re not aware, the key characteristic of Chinese people is “Face”. The Chinese people’s “Face” is the most important thing in their life than anything else. Whatever before they do something, the first thing to be considered is the “Face”. For those of you who are non-Chinese, you probably do not understand what the “face” exactly means. To simplify the explanation, “Face” basically means to show the very good side of you. For example, to show how wealth you’re even you’re not. Let’s read the following news and you understand why.

The average Chinese marriage costs 125,081 yuan (US$16,154), according to a survey on the development of the Chinese wedding industry. The survey by the Organizing Committee of the China Wedding Expo covered 60,000 newlywed couples, all of whom were married last year. The 125,081 excluded house and car purchases. Shanghai people tend to spend more on residential renovations, whereas Beijing people spend more on wedding photos, the feast and the honeymoon. Statistics showed that 86% of the couples earn less than 8,000 yuan (US$1,033) every month. Parents usually pay their children’s weddings.

Source: Beijing Morning Post


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