Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Wisdom Teeth are Finally Removed

I had just removed my upper 2 wisdom teeth yesterday. It is not as scary as I thought. The upper part is usually simple (lucky I am) and less complicated as compared to the lower wisdom tooth (because the nerves is just beneath it).

Here you go, this is my lovely wisdom teeth.

During the Surgery

I felt a little bit nervous at the first but the nurse advised me to open my eyes and breathe with my nose. After followed her instructions, it is much more relief. When you guys have operation next time, you could do the same. It feels a lot better with your eyes open.

After the Surgery

They usually give you antibiotic and pain killer. Because I do not have my gum cut, I only have the pain killer. If you have your gum cut, your face may swell and the doctor usually advice you buy a Cold / Ice Pack from your local pharmacy to put into your face to reduce the swell and as well as the pain.

Few things need to be taken care of:
  1. Rinse your Mouth only after 24 hours (to prevent non-stop breeding)
  2. Brush your Teeth only after 24 hours
  3. Eat soft food (e.g. porridge) for 3 days (Up to you)
  4. Eat pain killer only if necessary.
p/s: Remember also to take your MC so you can take a rest at home without going to work. :D


Anonymous said...

My wisdom tooth is finally removed or my wisdom teeth are finally removed.

ChampDog said...

Nice catch, thank you. :D

footiam said...

Just make sure you still have your wisdom in tact, Champ! it does not matter whether, it is is or are!

ChampDog said...

Sure, I will. :)

Anonymous said...

I got 4 wisdom tooth and already removed 3 of them. This year I will remove the last one maybe around July. Expensive le.. around RM350..

ChampDog said...

Mine one is RM 600. I think my company can claim up to full amount. So I no need to pay for a single cent!

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