Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Investment Return for Top 10 Stocks in 2008 – What about 2009?

Time to look at the stock investment return that recommend by CNN last year -The Best Stocks for 2008. Here are the investment return results (as in 26 Dec 2008):

Stocks % Return (YTD – 2008)
Annaly Capital Management (NLY) 0.77%
Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB) -0.06%
Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS) 0.46%
Electronic Arts (ERTS) -3.04%
Genentech (DNA) -0.71%
General Electric (GE) -0.87%
Jacobs Engineering (JEC) 0.79%
Merrill Lynch(MER) -1.38%
Petrobras Energia (PZE) 1.15%
St. Joe (JOE) 1.56%
Average -0.13%

In average, if you buy all these stocks in 2008 and your average earning will be -0.13% which is not that bad given the unpredictable economy crisis. So what is next? Perhaps you should start buying the stocks that recommend by CNN in 2009? – Top 10 Stocks to Buy in 2009

Here are the top 10 picked stocks in 2009:
  1. Altria (MO)
  2. Annaly Capital Management (NLY)
  3. Dell (DELL)
  4. Devon Energy (DVN)
  5. Diamond Offshore (DO)
  6. Fluor (FLR)
  7. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
  8. Medco Health Solutions (MHS)
  9. Pfizer (PFE)
  10. Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan (POT)
I wonder why hypermarket stock such as Wal-Mart (WMT) is not listed. Aren't these companies usually performing better during bad times? No?

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Anonymous said...

I personally think that Berkshire will rebound this year and Pfizer will go up. As for DELL, i kinda doubt their strategy since they are moving towards retail. Not sure if they've changed their plan. Wal-mart? People are cutting down on their expenses even the necessities. But people can't run away from medical stuff. :D The most dangerous industry shld be the financial sector.

JamyTan said...

I personally think gold stocks and silver stocks will be the stars this year.
I see many gold stocks will go to their high this year, at least 2-5folds, I soon will hear kaching kaching soon.


Mt. said...

ppl no confidence with retail so walmart didn't make it to the list.

i have no high hope for electronic neither - ie. Dell. but then again, bubble for new gadget never burst out of ideas.

astronomically the prediction is that 2009 has less wars than 2008, if war is ending and everyone already 'prepare' for the crisis, I would say gold alike commodity would just slowly playing catch up.

after holding cash for 2 months aiming for stable opportunities but found none, now I decided put them back into FD temporary for another 2 months.

Starting some branding business and get it to prepare to list is relatively cheaper in next 2 years ... may not be a bad idea afterall.

ChampDog said...

So in terms of ranking, it should as following?

Rank 1: Medical Industry
Rank 2: Hypermarket Industry
Rank 3: Electronic Industry
Rank 4: Financial Industry

Anyone has comments?

You’re still consistently into Gold & Silver.  I bought Gold 6 months ago and there is no earning or losing as per today’s price. Hopefully it is going to be better next year.

I thought the Walmart should be able to do quite well. You still need necessities no matter what especially during the economy crisis. Perhaps maybe the Medical industry is better as mentioned by Alvin?

I work in the electronic industry and it has never been performed since 8 years ago. I also lost hope in the electronic industry.

I believe in Gold too as well. Perhaps I should invest more again in this area. But as for gold alike commodity such as the oil, I don’t really quite sure. I think investing in oil should be quite high risk as compared to other commodity investments.

Yupe, FD sounds good. Perhaps Wawasan 2020 or ASN is better options. As a matter of fact, it is a better option all the while. At least the investment returns higher than the inflation rate.

Anonymous said...


WM is not doing well in the US, might be other countries, yes.
WM goods are getting too expensive. WM need an entire new team of marketing. When I first came to America, I only bought stuffs from WM, not any more. When I first came here, I would scold my American husband why he would go to Walgreen or CVS to get a tooth paste or tooth brush, they are too expensive (Walgreen and CVS are pharmacy stores). Then after living here for long enough and acquire the skill of couponing , I realized in fact, Walgreen and CVS stuffs are much cheaper than Walmart. And this can be reflected on WM, WG and CVS business. In our city (about 130+ population), CVS and WG are opening 1 store consistently every 9 month or so but WM are actually reducing their store hours. The nearest WM that is near my home used to be a 24x7 store but now they are closing at 10pm, so I would not buy WM shares.
And if you read the Millionaire mindset book, you would not be surprise that couponing is one of the mind set of millionaires here. And it goes beyond that , millionaires even have a floor plan of the shops they go shopping, eg. they knew at aisle 5 it is beverage, breakfast items etc... They are disciple, focus and time is money to them, so their shopping is structured too :).

Yes, of course, I am still in gold. I will be in gold and silver for the next 15 years or so but now I am nibbling on real estates. I want to be known when I die as the Sarawakian native who own the most land in Almdelka, ha ha ha ha ha.

Have a blessed 2009.

JamyTan said...

I do not believe in astronomy neither Fung Sui or fortune teller though all my family members on my parents side believe in it :"astronomically the prediction is that 2009 has less wars than 2008, if war is ending and everyone already 'prepare' for the crisis, I would say gold alike commodity would just slowly playing catch up" I always say if fortune teller is good, they probably will be in the fortune 500 billionaires or millionaires, none of the astronomers, fortune tellers, Fung Sui gurus come as close as Fortune 500, so that say very well of the skills of these people.

I believe in Scientific data and research. The banking economic here in the US is screwed up by easy credit. We print money as we want as other people believe in our credentials. Our money is not back up by gold, it is called Fiat currency, that is the starting of this humongous financial crisis that we are facing now).

Bank get greedy (easy credit), people get greedy, so the merry go round started. I love to watch the TV channel title America greed, just the case of Bernard Madoff would give you goose pimples, 50 billion : http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081212/bs_nm/us_madoff_arrest

How many countries in the world own 50billion ? How on earth have these people in America have 50 billion ? If not we printed all these free money, how on earth we can get 50 billion through real production.

It is not war that create this crisis, it is the fiat money, money without gold backing.

Once these rich places like Miami is hitting with crisis (like these rich Jewish communities get hit), the rest of the less afluent areas will kena hit too. Likewise, the world richest nation kena hit, you guys will kena hit sooner or later.

Now bank kena screw, no more easy credit (like when we were in Malaysia in the 80's, people buy house when they have at least 30-40% of money to put down), then you will see gold shot up to 10,000 an oz :):)


ChampDog said...

Can I say WM screwed it up but hypermarket industry still has a lot of potential?

I have an idea here in Malaysia is not about couponing but perhaps to list out the cheapest products that available in each store. I chatted with my mum today, she told me that if you buy product X, you should go to Tesco. If you want to buy product Y, you should go giant and you want to buy product Z, you should go to local market. Buy a right thing at the right store. Maybe I can do a survey and post it here… hahaha

I will probably invest more in Gold too in 2009. You just reminds me one of my most favourite movie is directed by Sarawakian too. :D Hahaha… But I don’t you know to know what that movie is. 

Feng Shui in scientific term, they call it metaphysics. I believe 60% in feng shui because I believe 60% of Feng Shui are interpreted correctly. Anyway Feng Shui is a human way (simplify version) to define our universal, in my opinion.

I think the economy screwed up is because they believe in scientific data and research. It is the scientific data and research that cannot model real complex world and therefore this economy crisis happens. Yes, they’re greedy and when they look at the data, it is safe for them to be greedy therefore they still go for it. I’m not sure if is because of the money without the gold backing causing this, really? I think that would be another topic but not root cause causing this economy crisis.

Anonymous said...

if i have money, i would buy Pfizer lol
news was saying that medicnine companies are well.

ChampDog said...

Ya, looks like everyone looks good at medical at this point in time. :)

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