Friday, December 26, 2008

Irish Tax Scheme is Pretty High

I don't aware that the Irish tax scheme is so "HIGH". See below...

Tax Rates and Tax Bands

Personal Circumstances

Tax Year 2006 €

Tax Year 2007 €

Single / Widowed without dependent children

32,000 @ 20%, Balance @ 42%

34,000 @ 20%, Balance @ 41%

Single / Widowed qualifying for One Parent Family Tax Credit

36,000 @ 20%, Balance @ 42%

38,000 @ 20%, Balance @ 41%

Married Couple - one spouse with income

41,000 @ 20%, Balance @ 42%

43,000 @ 20%, Balance @ 41%

Married Couple - both spouses with income

41,000 @ 20% (with an increase of 23,000 max), Balance @ 42%

43,000 @ 20% (with an increase of 25,000 max), Balance @ 41%

I read some article which mentions the incomes in Ireland are currently under-taxed and the Irish workers are the lowest taxed in Europe. Is it true?So the rest of the Europe countries have the higher Tax Scheme... Perhaps we should be happy to be Malaysian...


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Malaysians' taxes are among the lowest, to be honest. I'm wondering why do people still complain that much. Some says that our gov is not using the money as efficiently as those developed countries (with high taxes)...but they know that Irish gov pays $$ to smokers in order to ask them to stop smoking? Or UK paying $$ to a UK PR holder to feed his family...but his entire family is in Russia? :P

ChampDog said...

Perhaps they do not aware the they're among the lowest. I don't know about this if my wife is not relocated to Ireland. We may have heard about it but we probably choose to ignore it. Who want to say our government tax is low? It is like you're complaining your salary is high. :)

I don't aware of that,is this how Ireland and UK government spend their money? I heard they use those money to build church and building as well.

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