Saturday, February 23, 2008

Do you think married people are richer?

Are you married or are you still single? How do you manage your personal finance while you’re still single? Are there any changes in managing your personal finance after your marriage? Is it become more wealthy or worst?

In my opinion, I do think majority married people are richer than those who are still single for the following reasons:

(1) Dual-Income but Expenses Remain

When I was in single, I spend $2k per month but after my marriage I spend $3k per month together with my spouse. Since both of us are working, we have double income with $1k saving (theoretically should spend $4k per month with 2 person). I interviewed few of my colleagues and friends. They are experiencing the same thing. In fact, one of friends’ expenses is lower than his single’s life expenses after marriage. Wow!

(2) Changing in Personality and Lifestyle

My single life and married life are totally a different life. At least this is to true for me but I do see people still enjoying a single life after marriage. However, I believe that is only for temporary unless you divorce every often. While I was still single, every action of mine usually requires me to spend money (e.g clubbing and etc.). On the other hand after my marriage, every action on if mine I think about saving first. Married people are more responsible and tend to save for the future, think about how to build wealth but usually single don’t think so much. Both of them have totally a different mind-set, don’t you think so?

Marriage is a very Powerful Financial Tool

Whether you believe it or not, marriage is a very powerful financial tool to help you build wealth. If you’re single, you may probably disagree with me but I think that is just statistic data. I would like to know your comments. If you’re married, you may want to make sure of this very powerful financial tool and don’t misuse it. If your marriage is causing you to move away from wealth (yes, some people do – they spend more after marriage), it is time to think about it.

Theoretically, single people can manage a better personal finance than those are married one especially they have kids. Don’t you think so? If you are single, you do not have to care about the expenses of your kids. You do not need to care the kid’s education fees and many more. However practically, it doesn’t happen in the real world.

Most single screw up in their personal finance. How true is this statement?

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Anonymous said...

By right, as long as we can wisely manage our money it doesn’t matter whether you’re married or not. But I don’t deny that most of my single friends are not frugal.

Anonymous said...

depends on the person and the couple. i know poor couples and rich singles and i know poor singles and rich couples. as a general rule, you would think married people are richer because they have two incomes. two single people get married and they are no longer single. if they were not responsible before they got married, don't expect them to all of a sudden to grow up...they should have already grown up financially.

Mt. said...

i think its just age. at first you could club 3 days and nights continously, then you could hold up to 4am, then 2am, then you feel sleepy by 11pm.

dun forget in personal finance planning, the life line is single->married->kids->grandkids->death

its all part of the process, you CAN get rich when you are single or later when married or when you are old enough to die then you finally accumulated your million.

if you think marriage is a turning point, wait till you have kids. If you think kids are changing your life, wait till they are teenagers, then wait till they leave home, some of them do bad things or some of them get hurt or hurt others ..... its just part of life.

for those who stay in one particular stage and do no proceed to the next, ie. Single forever, they will eventually feel 'getting old' at that stage.

single or married, your accumulation years are when you are 25-35 years old. you better accumulate enough for the subsequent challenges ... else single or married, you would properly ....

JamyTan said...

The Hong Kong tycoon makes his first million when he was in his 50's.

JamyTan said...

The tycoon is non other than Lee Ka Shin.

Jack Payne said...

I vote for marriage. When you have a wife who is more obsessive about spending money wisely than Scrooge, you get sensible frugality running out of your ears.

Anonymous said...

i agree with that oso..expense will be lower than single life but with the condition that ur partner must oso be samrt in managing money..otherwise u will face very bad financiual situation..

Unknown said...

But what about if the other spouse are not working!If a single knows how to spend money wisely i think they could be rich too.

Anonymous said...

I do not think so too.

HS Ooi, CFP® said...

Economy of scale. 1+1 > 2?

When both party live under 1 roof, theoretically, you should reduce some expenses. For example, the couple can share the loan mortgage, consolidate and refinance car loans & other debts to save more interest, pay one electric bill, astro bill, water bill, phoen bill, etc.

However, there are other expenses that will increase. Family commitments and expenses for children will increase. Tuitions, learning piono, dance, tennis, toys, story books, movies, and all other things that the children will need.

Single or married, both stages of life need different planning and priorities. As a single young person, we may not have to worry about children education, retirement, home, etc. However, the earlier a single person starts all the accumulation stage, the better and faster he will become financially independent.

ChampDog said...

Yes I agree, it doesn’t matter but somehow single people are less awareness of personal finance from the pool of my friends.

@Natural Woman
Thanks for your comments. I agree with the fact that it depends on the person and the couple but based on your experiences, usually married or the single are richer? Or do you mean 50/50? I guess you’re saying 50/50 from your comment.

Well said. So the age is a matter and has nothing to do with the marriage status? I guess you vote for 50/50 as well? Can I argue that majority of single has emotional unbalance and therefore they usually have problem managing their money?

Who is the HK tycoon? I guess you vote for marriage too?

@Jack, David
I got 2 votes now. Of course there is always a condition. What I’m really asking here is do you think “majority” of married people are richer?

You bring up a very good point. If other spouse is not working, the dual-income argument is no longer valid. Btw, in this generation do we still see this? As I mentioned before I think single by right should be easier to manage their money. In fact, they should be in richer. However in reality, do you see single are richer than the married? Yes I do, but not many of them.

Is it because you’re still single? Just kidding. :D If we’re single and we really know how to control your money, I bet we can achieve financial freedom much earlier than those who married. However, if we compare to those married with no child (do not plan to have child), I bet those married with no child have higher chances.

Good point on the decrease and increase of expenses after marriage. One of the reasons why I mentioned marriage could help our financial is because I have seen quite number of my friends transforming to frugal after marriage. They used to spend a lot until not even single cents left in their saving account. Not necessary must marriage, I think as long as you’re attached, you tend to realize the importance of the personal finance. Don’t you think so? Of course, I mean in majority of the case.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is great, especially if you can still maintain low expenses. Like you said, dual-income but low expenses.

Like what jose said, economies of scale. That's true! You save a lot of money. Rent, electricity, and etc. And if you and your wife shower together all the time, you can even reduce the water bill! J/K!! :P

However, when it comes to kids, one thing is for certain. Even though it is great to have kids and all, one needs to understand that they are like leeches, financially speaking. In other words, they are financial disasters. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have kids. I myself wouldn't mind having 9 kids in the future! Hehe. Just that, you have got to be prepared for it.

All in all, being single or being married, both have their own merits and drawbacks.

JamyTan said...

Lee Kah Shin.
I did not cast any vote.
My thought is if you are rich (or wealthy, all you think how to accumulate wealth with the limited time I have on this earth), so I am sure you will also be rich after you get married.
Because you either marry someone who think like you or you influence him or her to think like you. So either way, a rich single will become a rich couple and a poor single will remain a broke couple and the vicious cycle goes on.

I totally have to disagree children are leeches financially. They are assets at least here in the US.

We pay less tax after we have a child and get child refund from the government.

And the trick here is to train them young, so they become your business partner at a young age.

There are a lot of free things around(at least in America) where you don't have to spend a single cents.

When my child was very young, I went to the library a lot. I borrowed education video , books for him. I spend 0 cents. I got education video about alphabet, letters from the library and he started to count and recognize alphabets at 18 months.

Then I home school him and I got all the free materials from the library.

I get all his clothings from our church clothings ministry and some from thrift stores. Very minimum $ I spent on my child.

I started him piano class when he was 18 months and I sent him a home based piano lesson and it is way cheaper than commercial place.

I showed him my online investment and my blog. He said he want to start a blog. I said when you learn how to type. He is creating on paper and he draw pictures with narrated stories. I keep them and when he is ready , he can translate those hard copy into digital format. And he can start getting his own affiliated company as soon as he is ready.

I have attended a Christian entrepreneur bootcamp last summer in San. Antonio Texas which is hosted by a guy who has a great vision about family. All the family there are very gangho about family. And that is what America are founded on : great family value but now it is in the drain.

A lot of these families are amazing, most of them own home base family business, from small computer repair shop, pet shop, lawn mow business to credit card company.

No child(ren) is/are assets but nowaday parents do not have time to teach their child(ren). They left their child(ren) for someone to take are. They sent them to daycare where the caretaker most likely are paid minimum wages or they are taken care by Indonesian maids (in Malaysia or Singapore) and the papa /mama role is send them to school to tuition, to piano class, ballet, to tai-kown do class but the least they want to do is spend time with their kids to teach them the value of work ethics and the value of money.

That is why children grow up to be useless adolescents.

It is sad but true whether you agree or not with me.

Taking care of child(ren) and nurture them is hard job but it is the most rewarding job in life.

My very long 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

Just dropped by..

footiam said...

Wait till you have children who go to college.

JamyTan said...

"Wait till you have children who go to college."

In the US, there is such thing called prepaid tuition college funds where you can buy when your kids are born or when they were young. This fund allow them to go college paid for. There are state and private funds; and it is transferable with all the states universities that partake in the program.

Besides there are lots of free money floating around : grants, scholarships. I personally did not spent any of my own $ when I decided to go back to school.

At least in the US, it is a matter of research and do lots of homework, like everything else in investment.


ChampDog said...

Are you sure spouse shower together can reduce water bill? Or it may end up increase your water bill instead. :D

9 kids is really impossible to me. Unless I can make them an asset as what Jamy said.:)

Oh I see, I thought you meant someone else. I think it spells “Li Ka Shing”. :D

I like your idea that treating our own children as assets. I think what really expensive is sending them to university. It may not true to be your case but in Malaysia sending them to overseas universities are quite expensive unless we send them to local university. Unfortunately, entering the local university for Chinese people is not easy and usually they do not have the options to choose the courses that they like.

I understand what you’re saying. It happens to me too when I was a kid I don’t really spend a lot of time with my parents. I think the main reason is because they’re corporate worker who work from 8 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday). Now, I’m a corporate worker too, I’m not really sure if I have enough time to spend with my kids one day. However, I will try my best to coach them and turning them into asset. :)

Just drop by? You want to quit blogging? :D Anyway, thanks for dropping by then. 

Actually I kind of agree this too in Malaysia. But may not be the case in U.S based on Jamy’s comment.

Ya, it may not apply to Malaysia. I don’t think in Malaysia is easy to get any free money floating around. Applying for scholarship needs a very good academic result. Even you have a very good academic results, it doesn’t mean you can get it too. Furthermore, the education cost also outpaces the inflation rate. It is getting more expensive every year.

Mt. said...

I didn't cast any vote neither, I was denying validity of your question earlier. However, if I have to vote, I think single ppl is richer. Assuming the person has the same level of personal finance, being single has less variables to manage then married, so getting rich as a single 'theoritically' is easier than having to worry about spouse, kids or even grandkids, and affairs perhaps ... :D

Mt. said...

prepaid college fee 'could be' as simple as early saving riding on compound interest, I have my 1st child education fund started before she was borned, even before she was conceived or even before we were thinking to have kids at all .....

Malaysia Scholarship to study IN MALAYSIA is rare, however, Malaysian are relatively easy to get scholarship to German and Japan for example .... where there is a will, there is a way :D

JamyTan said...

NOP, this is totally different concept :"prepaid college fee 'could be' as simple as early saving riding on compound interest, I have my 1st child education fund started before she was borned, even before she was conceived or even before we were thinking to have kids at all ....."

Compound interest in an excellent investment concept.

With prepaid college fund, it is a fund which factored into inflation rate over the next 18 years. The forecast 4 year state college degree cost US$350k-$450k at 2021 when my kiddo goes to college.

I bought it for US$9k when he was 3 months old. I believe it is worth every cent. Many of my friends children have finished their college with this fund.


JamyTan said...

Might be it is not a bad idea for us Chinese bloggers (oversea Chines, like you and me) have a blog where we contribute available investment resources.
Something along the concept of

Interested ? I am sure if we all put our brains together, who can stop us to become cyber space oversea Chinese billionaires :):).

Kayatan :)

JamyTan said...

"I like your idea that treating our own children as assets. "

I personally believe the British colonial rule had utterly destroyed our Chinese culture.

Chinese people believe "Kung zi pu chu tou" meaning being a worker will always be oppressed ! So, since ancient days, no matter where Chinese goes, they think of business.

But, since the British colonized places where oversea Chinese lived, they introduced 'worker education system' where they teach you that having an education will give you a better job.

So, the older generation sent their boys to England to study. These boys came home, they despise their father sundry shops, they wanted to be white colllar sit in the Air con room, so the father sold their sundry shops because there is no one to take over the family business which probably had been their many years since they moved to Nanyang.

This generation learned about "pencheng' or English pension. But, they forget to factor into inflation rate !

These retire British workers are the most pitiful Chinese old man. Ya, free lousy government medical care with long waiting lines and very little pension money.

And those hard core China men who hold strongly to their China men entrepreneur spirit went on to teach their next generation to continue expand their family business , they listed their companies. They do not depend on their little government pension.

So, what is the big deal of not attending university ?

Only the colonial British education emphasize 'worker education concept', not in America.

Here is more China man entrepreneur concept. It is more important to be 'tow kay' yourself than a 'tak kung chai'. Blue or white collar is all 'tak kung chai' - worker.

Hey, you can see that how I dislike British education system , right ? I was educated in that system for more than 20 years and I utterly think they destroy our Chinese entrepreneur tradition.


ChampDog said...

I think I agree with you that single people is richer with the same level of personal finance. The question really is does single have the same level of personal finance? The way I see it so far, majority of them (single), they don’t. I may wrong.

I like the idea of child education fund before even they’re born. However, I’m not sure how the education fund that you’re talking here is different from the one in U.S as mentioned by Jamy? To me, they’re quit similar as what you mentioned.

Oh really? Scholarship to German and Japan are easier to get? If not mistaken, you usually have to study using their language…

Hmm… this is something cool. It seems like the “prepaid college fee” is able to cover the education inflation rate? But, how do you so sure of that? I though every investment, theoretically you can’t predict the exact return? Assuming if they guarantee the return, then the return must be very low it will be more expensive as compared to education fund?

Yes, I like the idea of blogging together as a team. Working alone usually won’t bring you very far. That is my ultimate goal actually but since I’m working as part time, I don’t really have many resources to work on it. Look at the blogging platform that I’m using, you know it already. :D Where should we start? Having said so, blogging is a very lonely job and some might don’t feel comfortable to share their blog with another bloggers.

Ya, I totally agree with you about the history of the British colonial and how they actually influence our Chinese people. I’m a very good example of the result because I’m still a “da kong chai” – which means employee. :D My brother is strong enough to get out of this maze and now he is a business man in KL. This is what I admire him most because he used to an employee like me too.

JamyTan said...


"Hmm… this is something cool. It seems like the “prepaid college fee” is able to cover the education inflation rate? But, how do you so sure of that? I though every investment, theoretically you can’t predict the exact return? Assuming if they guarantee the return, then the return must be very low it will be more expensive as compared to education fund?"

It is like insurance. You are buying an insurance for your education.

For government program , it is like this :

In 2003, a 4yr degree state uni tuition average $10k.

So I bought a pre-paid program for my child who is going to uni at 2021 at $10k (at 2003's price).

The forecast uni fees is $350k-$400k at 2021.

But, if my child decided to go to private uni. which is not under the prepaid program system, all I can withdraw is $10k without interest.

For private run , it is a bit different, it is called 529k (something like 401k) where you invest your money in an education fund and that fund should have enough $ for your child to go to uni at 2021.

I choose the state run pre-paid because I thought it is quite a versatile program because it includes all well known state uni in USA.

However, my husband is not too keen on my son going to a state uni because he wanted him to go to a conservative Christian uni such as the one in Greenville South Carolina. At the moment, the uni does not have a prepaid college program yet but they are looking into setting one and they email me regularly to put me in loop with what they are doing with their prepaid system.

This is only one of our plans. We are considering home school him and do online studies till his undergrad

My son is extremely gifted, ( he is very abnormal, at the age of 41/2 , he writes and read better than a 7 years old, and play a 7years old piano). Since I am in the medical field, he is exposed to a lot of medical knowledge and he has told me he wanted to be a neurosurgean at the tender age of 41/2:) because mommy taught him the entire human anatomy at the tender age of 3.

If he continues to develop as it is and decided to go to med school, we have a very good medical program at the university of Florida where my husband works :):).

But, I personally would like him to serve in the military or the marine before he goes to med school. I would love to have a Marine seal in my family :).

But, one thing I have to say is there are a lot more options than anywhere in the world in term of education.

Many of my church friends children are home schooled and many of them are lawyers, engineers and doctors now. So, might be we can even use that $10k to go for holiday, ha ha ha ha ha,if he is smart enough to do his undergrad online and get scholarship on post grad med school :):).

In fact, I always think we oversea Chinese can do so many things together.

I see a lot of opportunities here and you guys have labor advantage over me here.

I am seriously thinking of doing something together.

When I am more ready, I will email you and share with you my ideas.


ChampDog said...

Thanks for explaining the pre-paid college fee system in United State. Ya, I don’t think we have such thing here. But for local university fees, it is quite cheap. What really expensive for Malaysian people is to study in overseas.

I’m happy for your son. Is he a genius? So you want him to be Doctor one day? Talking about this, I do have one relative’s son who is also a genius. I do not realize it until last year since we’re not that close.

Although I’m not really sure what you mean by labor advantage, I do agree that we can do many things together to shine. Ya, feel free to discuss anything with me when you’re ready and you have my email.

JamyTan said...


Yes, I understand the situation :"Ya, I don’t think we have such thing here. But for local university fees, it is quite cheap. What really expensive for Malaysian people is to study in overseas."

I personally think it is alright to pursue an under degree in M. I think it is pointless to spend $1/2 million on under grad. degree.

However, I do believe American degree offer quite a different perspective than M. local uni.

I like the creativity here, especially on business side, and I also appreciate the medical side of thing here.

"I’m happy for your son. Is he a genius? So you want him to be Doctor one day? ", My father in law thinks he is a genius and suggested me to have him tested.I have not done yet.

I suspect he has a photographic memory, and might have a higher IQ than average. He has very strong problem solving skill.

I thin he said he wanted to be a neruo surgeon because I think he has been exposed to a lot of medical jargons because I am in medical line and so are most of my friends. I suppose with that influence, he knows nothing better than cardiac and neuro stuffs :).

No, I do not want him to be what I want. I want him to do what he loves and passionate about. But, I would like him to serve in the military, or air force or Marine for a couple of years before he ventures into his career or business. The sky is the limit for him. I am not too worry one way or another. All I do is instill a love for learning in him. To me, learning is life long and as long as he thinks learning is fun, he will always love to learn and treat learning as a life long process.

In US, it is not necessary to get a degree to be rich and wealthy. A lot of business owners who do not have a degree earn more than a professors who are Ph.D holders.

Both my in laws are college professors who had 1-2 Ph.D but they are not the most well to do people here :):).


ChampDog said...

In fact, local university in Malaysia provides quite number of good quality student as compared to the overseas students. One thing lacking in local U that way I see it is the “communication skill”. Maybe we (as a Malaysian) don’t really to be educated to communicate well. :D Of course, I do agree that we shouldn’t waste millions $ just to send our kids to overseas. The gain is *not* proportional to the amount of money that you spent.

I think this is Malaysia or Asia culture which does not really promote creativity. Even in the working environment, creative people are usually been shut down by the top management because they usually make mistakes and mistakes are not allowed. :D

Perhaps you should have him tested soon. Does he perform any IQ test before? I have some IQ test website, if you’re interested, I can send it to you. I have done it and I’m just a little bit above the average. I like your statement “I do not want him to be what I want. I want him to do what he loves and passionate about.” This is exactly my style too.

In business, you don’t need a degree and master but if you’re an employee, I think the certificate still plays a very important role. That’s why the way I look at it, studying for MBA won’t make you any better in business BUT in the corporate world.

Anonymous said...

This is my very first comment in your blog. I don't know much about these things as I'm still a college student.

But I know how my parents feed me from young. My father is not consider rich but normal. Some people would said that my father is poor as his salary not more than RM2k a month and my mom don't work. But then they work hard to grow me up. But all they can't afford my college fees. I manage to get scholarship from The Star and I've got it.

So, in my opinion a married person doesn't mean they are rich but they will do whatever possible to feed the family and make them happy.

JamyTan said...


Very kind of you to offer me this :"Perhaps you should have him tested soon. Does he perform any IQ test before? I have some IQ test website, if you’re interested, I can send it to you."

In fact, one of my professors run an organization for IQ testing. Here it costs $300 for testing. At the moment, I do not intend to test him. I think it is very obvious that the guy is a genius. He has his 1st solo piano recital at 18 months :). His fingers are so short and chubby and yet he managed to play an entire song (twinkle little star) by himself. They want to call the newspaper to make news about him, I decline.

I wanted him to have a normal childhood (try very hard to shield him from people notice but it is difficult because everyone who has contact with him knew the guy is very different from his peer). I know it is not normal for a 4 1/2 years old to be able to read Wall Street Journal on his own :):). My father in law reminded me that Oprah Winfrey started reading at the age of 3 :):).

My take is if he is passionate about something he loves to do, I am sure he will excels in it. My role is to direct him and provide him with the resource that are available to be successful.

Yes, you are right about the communication part. When I first worked in M. after staying oversea for 15 years, I realized the oversea graduates takes 1/2 afford to get what they want because they know how to present themselves and BS. But the real work is done by the local grads.

When I was a director then, I tried to keep a balance on the no. of local grads and oversea grads in my employee pools.

When I went out to do marketing , it is the oversea grads I brought along with me (cos they can talked and BS), but after the sales, it is the local grads who did all the hard works, sad ! but it's just facts of life.

In the US, a lot of times people end up working in areas which are very different from their studies :). I have friends who studied computer science ended up a golf instructor; others from engineers to owing cleaning franchises owners. My sis in law from accountant to baby store franchise owner and her husband from MBA to bikes business and body building trainer :). One of my hubby good friend had a MBA, worked for AT&T for a long times ended up setting up glutton free bakery shop franchise :):).

A lot of people here have basic undergrad degree (like everyone has a belly button) and that does not mean a whole lot. I don't think people here do not treat degree as important as we are in M., they are more into enterprising, who else in the world have more franchises than us here :).

Smart people here don't necessary want to do MBA, they prefer to do their own business :). By the time you spend to do MBA and the amt of $ pour into student loans, you probably will get more out of it if you do a lawn business in Florida :):).

One of our good friends who is also our mechanics who is also our handy man who fixes our home who works for a young man who graduates from the local uni here with a business degree. When he was in school, he started mowing the loans for student complex (we have abt 60k student population in our local uni so there are lots of student apartments, duplex, condos etc.. and most of them are very well landscaped). While he was doing his lawn business on the weekend , he realized there were not a whole lot of lawn mowers repair/maintenance companies out there, so when he finished he started one and after 10 years he had 3 stores :). From a business degree to 3 mowers repair/maintenace stores and 100 student complex/condos/duplex mowing contracts. A lot lah such kind of examples. Here not like in Malaysia, you need to know someone to get contract. It is very different, it is whether you can provide a good customer services and also willing to work hard.

One of my friends boyfriend started repairing bicycles for his friends during his spare times when he was going to uni, then his friends recommended friends and friends recommended their friends and then he said why don't I started a bike business and he did and now he owned 2 bikes stores. A lot of students ride to uni here and the turnover rates of students also very high so the bikes business is always in demand. It does not matter MBA, ABM, MAB, as long as you are creative and willing to work hard, can tahan one lah here :).

Anonymous said...

I'm backing Nadlique's comment about couple taking a shower together. Just imagine the husband squatting down while the wife climbing up his shoulder to shower together. That will definately save the water bill. oh ohh..and also not to sound so cheap, imagine having a large family instead of alternating swapping position between the husband and wife sleeping on top of each other ever single night, by having more children u wouldnt strain your back more often.(everybody taking turn to become a bed each nite).Isnt that greatttt?:)

ChampDog said...


Thanks Alvin for your comment. It is a good start to have some basic financial awareness even when you’re still schooling.

I’m happy for your parents. Getting a scholarship is something we all should get if our family cannot afford to further our study. Even if our family do afford to pay, getting a scholarship is the way to go too. You’re responsible for your own education. Congratulation to you, btw!

Yes, you’re right. Married person doesn’t they’re rich or poor. It is a very subjective thing to be debated. Having said you, they’re some who don’t feel their family too. You know what I meant.

I think the one I did it last time is here. But I do a quick look on it, it may not suitable for your kid. I kind of remember the IQ test was full of graphic and polygon stuff but this doesn’t seem the one. It contains a lot of words. :D I’m sure the paid version should be better than this one.

I think every genius kid has to be taken with extra care than the normal kids. I think you’re definitely aware of this. That’s why you declined the newspaper rather than put him into pressure at this young age.

Haha.. I think I kind of agree with you too. They’re good in marketing and it terms of implementation, local U students are usually better.

I think I understand what you meant about the education in the U.S. They have already reached the maturity that certificate is no longer plays a very important role. What they’re looking for is the passion and how much you really love your job. When you’re loving what you’re doing, you’re best than anybody else regardless of whether you’re degree or master or Phd.

Thanks for sharing your friends’ experiences, it is really inspiring.

lol. This is really funny. It looks the whole family should shower together then? Seriously the water bill is not the biggest expenses (at least in Malaysia). We only pay for $5 bucks monthly and no matter how much is you use the water it does not have that big difference.

Perhaps if you said we share the air conditioner probably is a better argument. The whole family can squeeze into a master bed room for sharing the a single air conditioner. Yes, I bet this can save your electricity bill. :)

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