Friday, February 09, 2007

Average People versus The Rich

To become rich, you have to at least understand how the rich do their things. Why majority of the people can not be rich and financial freedom seems impossible to them? Becoming a financially independent is almost like a mission impossible? Why? The answer is simple. They are just an average people.

To succeed in life, you have to climb above those average people by doing the things that not done by the average people. Think differently, act differently and result differently. Let’s look at what the average people do versus the rich.

Average People
1. One income
2. Focuses on job security.
3. Calls brokers for investment tips
4. Focuses on professional education
5. Seek for free financial information

The Rich
1. Multiple source of income
2. Focuses on financial freedom
3. Understands that mistakes are part of learning
4. Willing to pay for financial information
5. Analyze the market themselves.

If you’re doing any of the average people doing, let’s stop it and transform them to the rich people doing. How? Use your creativity. They are a lot of ways to achieve one goal.


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