Monday, February 26, 2007

Bad Year for Snake in 2007

For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, I wish you guys Happy Chinese News Year. I know it is a little bit too late but anyway, it is not end yet until 15th in Chinese calendar. I hope I’m right 

This year is a pig year in Chinese Horoscope. Just a quick introduction of Chinese Horoscope for those of you who doesn’t know, you will be represented by one of the twelve animals based on the year you were born. Each animal has its own faith and many people especially Chinese depends a lot of them for their action in the coming months or years. To know more theory about Chinese Astrology, you can just check it out from wikipedia which I lazy to read. Therefore I’m not putting the link here also. I guess you won’t read it also. :D

Ok, here is the bad news. I don’t know for other zodiacs but for snake, almost everything is bad in this year. Although I don’t believe in this, but the sad thing is everywhere is trying to influence me to believe it (i.e. TV, Magazines, Books and forwarded email), all talks bad about snake. Even more sad news, it is not advisable to make any investment. :(

This is called negative affirmation from third party. Sometimes in this world, it is not the matter of discover the real truth or not but it is the reality that the human environment creates. The way how our mind is programmed creates the reality. How our mind is programmed is affected by people around us to think of you. That is the power of “Perceptive Reality” that I’m going to cover in next topic.

I need a way to break this bad affirmation from happening. I have 2 options. Option 1, go and pray in the temple. This is what most Chinese believe that can break the bad luck of snake this year. This way I borrow the power of believe from others to fight with this perceptive reality. Option 2, I fight for myself either by blocking all these negative affirmations from others and transform them to a positive affirmations before they gets into my mind. This way I’m holding my future in my own hand. Which option I should choose? I haven’t decided. Option 2 is a must and I’m still thinking whether I should go for option 1. Isn’t doing both is the best case? I don’t know. What do you think?


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