Monday, May 26, 2008

How do you deal with Credit Card Fraud?

Perhaps you may not aware that credit card transaction is not secure at all. As long as you’re using credit cards, there are chances that you may face the credit card fraud. When you have credit card fraud, how should you do with it? Most importantly how do you prevent it from happen again?

Types of Credit Card Fraud

Cloned credit card is the most common type of credit card fraud. As long as someone can get your credit card, they can clone your credit card by copying your credit card information on to a fake card’s magnetic stripe. It used to be very popular but no longer true after the government enforce all the credit cards that used must be implemented with the embedded “chip”. With this “chip” implemented, the cloning fraud can be prevented.

Surprisingly, this embedded “chip” is not enforced in U.S. I find out this every time when I have visitors from U.S and they always complain that their credit cards cannot be used in Malaysia. This is due to the fact that only the credit card with embedded “chip” can be used in Malaysia or perhaps the Asia Pacific.

Another common type of credit card fraud is online transaction. As long as they know your credit card number, 3 digits behind your credit card, and the expired date, they can purchase anything online on your behalf. This information can be easily obtained when you pay your bill using credit cards in a restaurant. Can you see how insecure the credit card is?

What should you do? Know your rights!

The first thing when you realize your credit card is lost or any transactions that do not belong to you, report to the bank as soon as possible. The second thing is you must know your liability and rights. Different country has different rules.

In Malaysia, the Bank Negara Malaysia’s credit card guidelines effectively limit a card holder’s liability for unauthorised transaction to RM250.
That means the bank cannot charge you more than RM250 for unauthorized transaction. This is providing that you do not take part in the fraudulent transaction and reported the lost or stolen credit card as soon as possible.

In Singapore, you have to pay for all the fraudulent transactions that occur before your card is reported stolen or lost. In UK, you’re limited to pay £ 50 for fraudulent transactions. In U.S. the maximum liability that cardholders have to pay for unauthorized use of a credit card is USD 50.

How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud?

  1. Periodically check that all your credit cards are still with you.
  2. Destroy all copies of credit card’s receipts, airline tickets and any documents that display your credit card numbers.
  3. Carry out online transactions only with reputable companies. Ensure that the websites have security features.
  4. Avoid responding email that request for credit card information.
Lastly, I would recommend you to copy down the Customer Services' Phone number to a safe place. It is located at the back for your credit card. Just in case when you lost your credit cards, you can call this number immediately.

I hope this helps. Have you experienced the credit card fraud before? Any tips to share?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Wisdom Teeth are Finally Removed

I had just removed my upper 2 wisdom teeth yesterday. It is not as scary as I thought. The upper part is usually simple (lucky I am) and less complicated as compared to the lower wisdom tooth (because the nerves is just beneath it).

Here you go, this is my lovely wisdom teeth.

During the Surgery

I felt a little bit nervous at the first but the nurse advised me to open my eyes and breathe with my nose. After followed her instructions, it is much more relief. When you guys have operation next time, you could do the same. It feels a lot better with your eyes open.

After the Surgery

They usually give you antibiotic and pain killer. Because I do not have my gum cut, I only have the pain killer. If you have your gum cut, your face may swell and the doctor usually advice you buy a Cold / Ice Pack from your local pharmacy to put into your face to reduce the swell and as well as the pain.

Few things need to be taken care of:
  1. Rinse your Mouth only after 24 hours (to prevent non-stop breeding)
  2. Brush your Teeth only after 24 hours
  3. Eat soft food (e.g. porridge) for 3 days (Up to you)
  4. Eat pain killer only if necessary.
p/s: Remember also to take your MC so you can take a rest at home without going to work. :D

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