Sunday, February 08, 2009

Understand Retrenchment Labor Law in Malaysia

Since this may or may not happen to anyone of us but I think this is something good to know your rights or how you’re protected by labor law in Malaysia especially when you’re being retrenched. I only highlight the most critical one which is how much the employer should pay you back.

Under the Employee Act 1055 or Industrial Relation Act 1967, labour law in Malaysia, this is the minimum amount of money the employee should compensate us if they decide to retrench us. If you have been working for a company:

  • Between 1 to 2 years, you should get minimum of 10 days salary for each year of your service.
  • Between 2 to 5 years, you should get minimum of 15 days salary for each year of your service.
  • Above 5 years, you should get minimum of 20 days salary for each year of your service.
It will be pro-rated if the number of years of services is not a whole number. For example, if you work for 1.5 years, the formula will be something like this:
($1 Year Salary / 365 Days) X (1.5 Years) X (10 Days)

If you look at it, the compensation law is not that much if the company decide to pay you the minimum. All the while I have the wrong impression that compensation for retrenchment is very good because of our labor law. Perhaps I do not aware those company specifically Intel used to compensate way more than the minimum amount that protected by Malaysian Labor Law. It may not happen again in the future with the current economy situation. Don’t you think so?

HTC Touch Cruise Review – My Personal Experience

I have been using this HTC Touch Cruise for few months and it is time for me to write some review about this based on my personal experiences.

What sucks?

  • Touch Screen is Not Responsive. I expect the screen has super fast respond but apparently it takes some time to respond to my touch. This is probably my high expectation because when I let other PDA users to use mine, they’re perfectly okay with the touch respond time. To fix this, I basically disable all the button assignments and it runs faster now. This is at least works for me.
  • Video Recording is Damn Lagging. Unless you use the front camera, the video recoding especially in night environment is damn lagging. It is quite of disappointed but it you take the video under sunlight, it is perfectly fine.
  • TouchFLO and 3D Cube is Completely Useless. The TouchFLO feature for any screen is not smooth at all and you may as well disable it. Also, what is the purpose of the 3D Cube? It is not cool and friendly at all. I’m speechless.
  • Web Browsing is Slow. Are we supposed to browse web using PDA? It is probably due the software problem, I don’t feel good to browse the web using this device. It is not smooth and very slow especially when I open multiple pages.

What rocks?
  • GPS (Wow, I love it). Perhaps the most impressive and useful feature is the GPS. I’ve been using the both MapKing (for Asia) and TomTom Navigator software (for US and Europe) and I no longer need a map anymore. It is so real time that I can be located exactly anywhere around the globe. I just love the GPS…
  • Voice Calling is Very Clear. While using the phone, the voice is extremely clear as compared to my previous phone. As for the internal speaker, it is okay and at least we can hear clearly the voice. I used it every often especially when I’m driving.
  • Sync-Up with Microsoft Outlook. I used to have Palm PDA which always screws up my calendar in my office outlook. At least with this HTC touch cruise, I have no problem to synch-up my outlook.
  • Battery Life is Amazing. I’m not sure if it is because I disable a lot unnecessary stuff but I find it the battery life of this HTC touch cruise is quite good. I do NOT have any problem to run out of battery when I’m traveling with this device. I use GPS, photo capture and video recording quite often and so far so good for the battery life

Should I buy?

It looks to me this device is over priced as there are so many sucks thing. You may probably want to downgrade the device to such as HTC P3600i but still maintaining some of the cool features (e.g. build-in GPS, Synch with Outlook and etc.) depending what you really want. Alternatively, you can also look at the later products from HTC such as HTC HD, HTC 3G and HTC Diamond. I know HTC diamond has at least better web browsing and TouchFLO. In conclusion, don’t buy HTC touch cruise as it is over-priced until the price is dropped probably you can consider.

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