Saturday, February 15, 2014

Avoid 13 in Property Investment

I visited a developer office in Sydney when I touched down here not so long ago and I realized one very important fact - people here won't buy properties that are somehow related to 13!!!

I was looking at the condominium units and every floor only the unit 13 is not sold out. Now I only know, "Gwei Lo" also believes in Feng Shui, not just Chinese...

Since there are many Chinese here, I think not only "13" that I need to avoid, but also "4".  Not that I believe those are bad numbers, but from an investment perspective.

So, let's avoid "13 and "4" in your property investment too! Any other number that I should aware of? 

P/S: By the way, I"m staying in unit 13 now and think of it again, it is quite bad luck too when first moved here because number of unique issues only happened in my unit. But, I"m glad that now everything is okay. 

One final note, 13 is a lucky number for Italian. So it doesn't apply to Italy. :)

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