Sunday, January 03, 2021

ASX Money - My New Blog!

Hello, my friend. How are you? It looks like I'm no longer updating this blog for a while. Probably no one is reading this now since the average visitor for this blog is only 10. From few hundred down to ten now. So sad... 

This is probably my last post here because I have a new blog now! It is called "ASX Money" where I focus on investing in Australian stock market. I will most likely dedicated my time there. If you miss me, you can go there! But it is likely you're Malaysian and you won't be interested in ASX Money. :) However, most my stock investment learning is pretty generic. Yeah, go there if you're interested in stock.

During this pandemic, I have started investing in Australian stock and I have learned a lot. However, sometimes I"m not sure I have learned it. So I think it may be good for me to document what I have learned and blogging seems like a good way to achieve it. It can also keep me motivated. 

Alright. Signing off now! See you!

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