Friday, February 15, 2013

Understand Perspective is the Key To Success

I just came across this video few months back and I think it is very meaningful to show what exactly "perspective" is. I watch it again today and it is still very amazing. The video doesn't name it as "perspective" but "assumption". To me, it is the same thing.

A very successful person must have the skill or ability to understand different perceptive or else they will not be considered succeed. They call this narrow-minded people. I see many people struggle in their work is mainly due to his/her incapability to understand perspective. These people usually stuck and cannot perform. In 7 habits, they call this "paradigm shift".

So what exactly by understand different perspective? Check it out the video clip below and you will know what I am saying here!

Hope you enjoy this video. Credit to Quirkology, he has many other interesting videos too. You can check them out too.

P/S: For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, vacation is over. Wish you happy Chinese New Year and drive safety too if you travel long hours! Are you ready for work? :)

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