Sunday, October 05, 2008

How to Claim Fuel Subsidy RM 625?

For non-Malaysian, this is FYI or you can just ignore this post. Do you envy for us since we can claim for the fuel? :D For Malaysian, most probably you may know by now, Malaysia government allows you to claim RM 625 for those who own a car below 2000cc. Basically if you renew your road tax effective date from 1 April 2008, you’re eligible to claim RM 625. For motorbike, you can claims up to RM 150. You can only claim up to a maximum of 5 vehicles per owner.

What You Need To Do

  1. Bring your I/C and go to the post office.
  2. Get the form and fill up the form (Refer the instructions below).
  3. Submit the form and money order will be sent to you.
[Update on Feb 01 2009]
You can also claim the RM625 online through which I believe is the most convenient way rather than wait for a long queue in post office. You need to register yourself and look for the "Cash Rebate" while you log-in to the system.

Instruction to Fill-Up the Form

Surprisingly, the form is somehow a little bit confusing. Let’s look at this very helpful sample here:

Friday, October 03, 2008

Right or Wrong or the Truth?

In life, we judge by what we see and we make a conclusion. It doesn’t matter the conclusion is the right or the wrong one, as long as majority of people think it is the right one, then it becomes the right one. But is it the truth?

Let’s look at the picture below. Are square A and square B same color? If I say they are the same colors, will you trust me?

Most of us will say they are DIFFERENT in colour. Square A is darker grey than square B. Let’s do a cut & paste by yourself and you will see the following:

Are square A and square B still in different color? If you still do not believe in it, please try it out yourself (copy the original picture and do a cut & paste by yourself).

I wonder how many things in this world we have misunderstood them as a fact. Relationship? Investment? Scientific formula?
  • Can we really trust what we see?
  • Can we really trust the facts that everyone believes it is the fact?
  • Does the real truth really matter when no one believes it?
  • Are those insane guys, locked in mental hospital see what we don't see?

Didn't find what you want? Use Google Search Engine below: