Friday, October 03, 2008

Right or Wrong or the Truth?

In life, we judge by what we see and we make a conclusion. It doesn’t matter the conclusion is the right or the wrong one, as long as majority of people think it is the right one, then it becomes the right one. But is it the truth?

Let’s look at the picture below. Are square A and square B same color? If I say they are the same colors, will you trust me?

Most of us will say they are DIFFERENT in colour. Square A is darker grey than square B. Let’s do a cut & paste by yourself and you will see the following:

Are square A and square B still in different color? If you still do not believe in it, please try it out yourself (copy the original picture and do a cut & paste by yourself).

I wonder how many things in this world we have misunderstood them as a fact. Relationship? Investment? Scientific formula?
  • Can we really trust what we see?
  • Can we really trust the facts that everyone believes it is the fact?
  • Does the real truth really matter when no one believes it?
  • Are those insane guys, locked in mental hospital see what we don't see?


Mt. said...

All things we think is right could be wrong in future and like wise. However, what really matters NOW is I THINK I AM doing all the RIGHT things now. If I find out a MORE RIGHT way tomorrow, I will do that then. :D

Anonymous said...

mmm there's no definite right or wrong. it reli depends on the context and the knowledge of the person on that issue. say i know nuts about A. so ppl told me A is right...but due to the fact that i donno much bout it, i believe "them".

but after reading an article somewhere and armed with new knowledge, i realized that A is false!

** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

At times, we go with the flow to 'enjoy' what others like and we 'like' it too... until one day we 'wake up' and knowing we do not want it anymore the next minute... This is Life. This is a life stage, I will call it. We learn in life and we grow up each and everyday... Just make sure you do not regret at your choices - that my life my principle. I will 're-do' my choices but I do not regret.

ChampDog said...

I like the idea of “What really matters NOW is I THINK I AM doing all the RIGHT things now”

Is this post trigger you to write a recent post in your blog? :D. Yupe, I agree that the knowledge play a important role in defining a right or wrong. Different knowledge, different perceptions, and therefore different answers.

@Out Of Track
People still like to compare in nature. Sometimes we want it is not really because we want. It is because they want it. Hahaha… funny isn’t it?

I just recently have a chat with my father-in-law and realized that some people renovate their house, buying a new car and etc. is for the sake of competing with their neighbors. Is that necessary?

** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

compare-thats lust :)
I try not to lust in my life and so far i think i am doing alright, or I do lust which doesnt cost a penny - emotionally lust :))
I love and enjoyed being love :))

Anonymous said...

It's just optical illusion

now stock and bond, which one is better ? :P

ChampDog said...

Yupe, it is an optical illusion.

Hmmm... stock or bond? Perhaps stock just need to wait for the right time. :)

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