Monday, December 31, 2012

How would you rate yourself in 2012?

One thing I like about blogging is you can do self reflection especially for year end now. With that, you know your progress whether you're in good or bad shape or maybe no shape at all. :)

I know sometimes it is very hard to accept the fact that you have accomplished nothing throughout the years. So, some people don't even border to write it. I have this feeling in the past too. Nevertheless, I think it doesn't really matter if we accomplish nothing. The most important thing is we're able to face it and admit it.

My Rating in 2012

I set myself the top 5 resolutions in 2012 and how did I do? Let's check it out! Overall, you can see that I didn't do that well at all. I only met 1 out of 5 goals. If these are company's goals, I'm probably being manged out already!

Improve Health (Met)

Good thing, I met this goal! My last medical report shows all positives but the next challenge is to maintain it. I shall do another medical report after 6 months to monitor the progress again.

Stock Investment (Partially Met)

Not really into stock investment this year but somehow invest in property instead. One little good progress is, I have done some basic researches on technical analysis but has not really put this into practical. I only use that to analyze my company's stock to decide my best time to sell. I would consider either I fail or partially met this goal although I met my ROI goal.

Migration to Australia (Partially Met)

Have done some researches and started the application on state sponsorship. So it is still pending on the result. The next step is only applying PR, thus I think this is still partially met. The most worry about this move for me is, can I get a job there even though I"m not choosy?

Setup Travel Blog (Fail)

Zero progress, that's why fail because it is not within my control. :) Lesson learn, try not to set goal that is beyond of your control. However, I started with a food blog instead where I just review on food that I have tried before. FYI - I enjoy food a lot and that why's it caused problem to my health. :)

Stretch goal: Become iOS Developer (Partially Met)

In fact this goal is fail but I just want to give myself some encouragements.So I rated myself as partially met then. :) It turns out that I decided to go for Android instead for various reasons. Have gone through some basic tutorials which include basic GUI programming, debugging through emulator or hardware. That is still very beginning stage, I would only consider myself successful met this goal when I have published one application in the GooglePlay store.

Unfortunately, the world didn't end. So we still need to move on to 2013. Are you ready for it? Let's review your 2012 resolutions (if any) and set a new one for 2013. I"m still in progress of making my 2013 resolutions and once it is ready, I will share with you. Good luck and Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is China the Next Superpower?

This is a very interesting video to basically explain why China will NOT be the next superpower. I kind of agree with him especially on the military perspective. Don't you think United State is surrounding China somehow by helping out China's neighbors? Why do you think they want to do that? Enjoy this video...

So, does that mean US will continue to be superpower? I don't know but my experiences in China trips, tell me that the country moves a lot more faster than the people can move. It probably remains as great power but superpower will still belong to US. What do you think?

Nevertheless, regardless of whether China will be the next superpower, but I do think that it is important to learn Chinese if you want to be ready for it. One very obvious example is in today working environment, speaking Chinese has become essential especially dealing with China's customer. A smart move, is to learn Chinese (e.g. Australia has seen this, thus preparing their education for it). What about your country?

So, learn Chinese! Check out my previous post - Are you ready in 21'st century?

Merry Christmas!

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