Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coping With Rising Petrol Prices

According to a new survey of 539 workers, reports Robert Half International, a Menlo Park, California-based staffing firm, many workers are changing their commutes to avoid high petrol prices.

Below are the results of the survey:

  • 46% say they’re carpooling more often
  • 33% are driving more fuel-efficient vehicles
  • 30% are looking for a job closer to home
  • 18% now walk or cycle to work
  • 18% say their employers are increasing mileage reimbursement for travel
Surprisingly when I met an old friend recently, he was telling me that he is now cycling to work everyday and used bicycle as a primary transportation. I’m not sure if he is joking but he sounds serious. Honestly I don’t really do anything to cope with the rising petrol prices other than invest in Gold.

I have been carpooling with my spouse and driving the most fuel-efficient vehicles in Malaysia. My work from my home is 15 minutes drive and I have been leaving within my means. What else I can do? One thing is I don’t think I can replace my car with a bike, do you?

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