Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coping With Rising Petrol Prices

According to a new survey of 539 workers, reports Robert Half International, a Menlo Park, California-based staffing firm, many workers are changing their commutes to avoid high petrol prices.

Below are the results of the survey:

  • 46% say they’re carpooling more often
  • 33% are driving more fuel-efficient vehicles
  • 30% are looking for a job closer to home
  • 18% now walk or cycle to work
  • 18% say their employers are increasing mileage reimbursement for travel
Surprisingly when I met an old friend recently, he was telling me that he is now cycling to work everyday and used bicycle as a primary transportation. I’m not sure if he is joking but he sounds serious. Honestly I don’t really do anything to cope with the rising petrol prices other than invest in Gold.

I have been carpooling with my spouse and driving the most fuel-efficient vehicles in Malaysia. My work from my home is 15 minutes drive and I have been leaving within my means. What else I can do? One thing is I don’t think I can replace my car with a bike, do you?


Mt. said...

huh ? what's wrong with cycling to work ? I cycle almost everywhere within 10 km radius. petrol hike triggered it but nevertheless its a good excuse to exercise and keep fit. :p

Anonymous said...

mm don think its feasible to cycle in KL area since we get heavy rain nearly every week. :D

maybe u should change to a van or SUV? then fetch colleagues from around ur place n charge them $$ - like a bus :D

JamyTan said...

It is a pity that manufacturers do not give coupons in M. The last 3 mths since I started couponing, I have cut down my grocery bills by 90%. I used the money that I saved to invest in more gold and silver.
Silver appreciate more (in term of %) than gold.
The last 1 month has been a good time to buy gold and still is.

Mt. said...

err ... fetching passengers in private van is illegal ?

earning illegal money can land you in ISA ? :D

ChampDog said...

You serious, you cycle to work everyday? But I thought you work from home? That is a different story then. :D

If I were cycle to work, I think it will make me even more unproductive at work. Need to wake up early, and when arrive in office, need to take shower and etc. etc. Eventually I will get under performed. :D

I would prefer to focus on the attack zone then (ear more money) rather than cycle to work (if I have to). 

Hahaha… Good idea if my colleagues don’t mind, I don’t mind to fetch them. No need van or SUV will do. :D

We do have coupons here but it won’t cut down your grocery bills by 90%. This is a very huge amount! Amazing…

Gold is not doing very good recently, true? I wonder if the gold price now is already in the peak. I don’t know, you have more experiences here and maybe you can give some advice.

Illegal? Really? I don’t know that… Maybe not Van, just a bigger car. Getting ISA can make you famous, worth give it a try. :D

forex-tiwisue said...

earning illegal money and ISA is irrelavant...adui!

ChampDog said...

Hahaha... it is still related to money. :)

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