Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Really NEW Year For Me

This coming 2014 new year is really a NEW year for me. Everything to me is going to be completely NEW. I"m going to leave this country by 30th Dec to start a new life in Australia. It is going to be new job, new culture, new home, new food, new friends (hopefully), new enemies perhaps and many others. I hope this NEW stuff can keep me motivated since I am stuck here for quite sometime already!

2013 Accomplishments and Review

Looking back in 2013, this is probably the BEST YEAR that I have because I have met most of the 2013 resolutions that I wrote down here at the beginning of this year. I used to fail many of my goals in the past! :)

Improve Health (Met)

Measure of success: Do checkup every 6 months and no elevated cholesterol and liver enzymes.

Guess what? All back to normal. Well, hopefully I can sustain this forever! Recently, just too many farewell lunches and dinners that makes me worry a bit. I need to control myself! :)

Migration to Australia (Exceed)

Measure of success: Get an Australia PR by end of this year. 

I rate myself exceed expectation due to fact that I am not only getting a PR but have accelerated my plan to move over there by end of this year. I somehow VERY lucky to get a job offer without permanently migrate there. Pure luck, I guess!

I feel sad leaving my country, family and friends but on the other hand I'm very excited to start a new life there. Wish me luck!

Become Android Developer (Exceed)

Measure of success: Publish one application on Google Play store.

Exceed expectation too, I have published 2 Android applications on Google Play! Yes, I know both applications are not very fancy :) To me, it is a very good start already. I hope in future I can write more complex applications. Too bad, my new job is not totally related to this but I do hope one day I can step into this area in my job.

Study on Australia Economy (Partially Met)

Measure of success: Know above mentioned stuff and research and blog about it for each item.

Don't think I blog on this topic, so I have to give myself a partially met.  In short, living expenses in Australia (especially in Sydney) is extremely high. I need to very careful on my spending. Property market (especially in Sydney) is heading to bubble, I will have to watch carefully on this before taking any action.

Blogging - Stretch goal (Fail)

Measure of success: Publish at least 1 post per month in my active blogs. 

Luckily this is stretch goal. I don't think I met this goal. This blog is still okay because I only missed May surprisingly. The other blogs that I have are clearly slack behind. Well, not bad already! LoL.

What is next?

Well, I am still figuring out my 2014 resolutions and I"m not sure if I should start writing now or I should wait until I've started my new life in Australia. Perhaps I should skip 2014 and give myself a break? Will see...

Here I wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New!!! I'm going to miss Malaysia and everyone of you very much! Take care!

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