Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Really NEW Year For Me

This coming 2014 new year is really a NEW year for me. Everything to me is going to be completely NEW. I"m going to leave this country by 30th Dec to start a new life in Australia. It is going to be new job, new culture, new home, new food, new friends (hopefully), new enemies perhaps and many others. I hope this NEW stuff can keep me motivated since I am stuck here for quite sometime already!

2013 Accomplishments and Review

Looking back in 2013, this is probably the BEST YEAR that I have because I have met most of the 2013 resolutions that I wrote down here at the beginning of this year. I used to fail many of my goals in the past! :)

Improve Health (Met)

Measure of success: Do checkup every 6 months and no elevated cholesterol and liver enzymes.

Guess what? All back to normal. Well, hopefully I can sustain this forever! Recently, just too many farewell lunches and dinners that makes me worry a bit. I need to control myself! :)

Migration to Australia (Exceed)

Measure of success: Get an Australia PR by end of this year. 

I rate myself exceed expectation due to fact that I am not only getting a PR but have accelerated my plan to move over there by end of this year. I somehow VERY lucky to get a job offer without permanently migrate there. Pure luck, I guess!

I feel sad leaving my country, family and friends but on the other hand I'm very excited to start a new life there. Wish me luck!

Become Android Developer (Exceed)

Measure of success: Publish one application on Google Play store.

Exceed expectation too, I have published 2 Android applications on Google Play! Yes, I know both applications are not very fancy :) To me, it is a very good start already. I hope in future I can write more complex applications. Too bad, my new job is not totally related to this but I do hope one day I can step into this area in my job.

Study on Australia Economy (Partially Met)

Measure of success: Know above mentioned stuff and research and blog about it for each item.

Don't think I blog on this topic, so I have to give myself a partially met.  In short, living expenses in Australia (especially in Sydney) is extremely high. I need to very careful on my spending. Property market (especially in Sydney) is heading to bubble, I will have to watch carefully on this before taking any action.

Blogging - Stretch goal (Fail)

Measure of success: Publish at least 1 post per month in my active blogs. 

Luckily this is stretch goal. I don't think I met this goal. This blog is still okay because I only missed May surprisingly. The other blogs that I have are clearly slack behind. Well, not bad already! LoL.

What is next?

Well, I am still figuring out my 2014 resolutions and I"m not sure if I should start writing now or I should wait until I've started my new life in Australia. Perhaps I should skip 2014 and give myself a break? Will see...

Here I wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New!!! I'm going to miss Malaysia and everyone of you very much! Take care!


Vedis said...

Wa, congratulations! It's always exciting to start a new life. :)

I love changes. Changes are for the better.

ChampDog said...

@Vedis! Yeah, thanks! :) I view changes as part of the growth too even thought sometimes it doesn't turn out to be better. :)

kampunginvestor said...

Damm we gonna loose another vote? Why you leave us behind brother? Kita mesti lawan tetap lawan mah..

Nonetheless, I wish you all the best in your future brother. Didn't know you had so many blogs and yeah, didn't manage to meet you in person yet too..

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

ChampDog said...

Don't worry bro, I will still come back here to vote, will still continue to fight!!!

Have few blogs, but this one is the most active one. lol! Ya lor, in fact I don't have chance to meet many of you from blogosphere.

Yes you too, Merry Christmas and happy new year! Don't forget me one day when you're super rich! :)

maveric said...

Hi CD.

Extremely glad to hear that you have made an extremely important decision...; I will rank it even greater than a careen change of even getting married..!!

You a indeed a maveric like me to a certain extent..; to travel a less used path/direction ( you know what I mean ) for the betterment of self & family.

Do you still blog Down Under.Wishing you and Kriss a Great & Happy New Year 2014.

ChampDog said...

Thanks Maveric! Wish you happy new year too! :)

I will still blog if I have time, of course. See what I learn during this journey, I will definitely share it with you and the rest.

SK said...

Hi, great blog you have, am one of your follower. All the best for your new journey,am still looking forward more posts from you.

SK ^^

ChampDog said...

Hey SK, thanks! All the best to you too. Happy New Year! :)

NoFussLiving said...

Good luck on your move, I look forward to your 2014 resolutions. I too am working on setting my resolutions for this year. Its nice to see someone else in the Pacific that has a higher cost of living to account for.

ChampDog said...

Thanks! I probably will skip this round resolution. Will most likely focus on my new job, to catch up. :)

Passive Income Pursuit said...

That's awesome that you're getting to move to Australia! That's a huge move and you'll get to have some great experiences. did the opposite and moved from AUS to the USA. I wish I would have tried for some international work experience when I was younger and single. Best of luck!

ChampDog said...

Thanks! Maybe you can try it out now? Nothing is too late?

kampunginvestor said...

Glad to hear that you will still comeback to vote for a better Malaysia. Which part of Australia you are heading to?

All the best ya. Inikalilah..! :)

ChampDog said...

In Sydney now. :)

kampunginvestor said...

Sydney nice place. Not so slow if compared to Melbourne. I was quite shocked when i went to Australia because of the pace of life there. If compared to Malaysia, I feel like we are much faster then the Aussies. What say you?

ChampDog said...

Generally is true and Sydney is the most fastest pace city in Australia already. :)

Anonymous said...

Have u checked out the Malaysians in AU/Sydney yet? From Facebook, ambassy.... WE are everywhere around the globe! I even get invited to the Bersih campgn

ChampDog said...

Thanks. Which FB group? Maybe you can send the link to me. :)

I think everywhere has Malaysian.

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