Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Warren Buffett Wealth by Robert P Miles Review

If you don't know who Warren Buffett is, Robert Miles is just the person to introduce him to you. The author has written 2 books on Buffett and his investment methodology, and presented countless Buffett Wealth workshops world wide.

Cleanly and concisely, Miles starts off by explaining the old-fashioned strategies that the Omaha wizard has made famous. Suitably impressed and excited about increasing wealth, the reader can then check out what kind of investor he is in Chapter3. Chapter 4 explains the importance of having an investment philosophy and Chapter 5 asks if you know what you own.

Chapter 6 hones in on Buffett's idea of investing on Main Street rather than Wall Street. Chapter 7 explains why Buffett only concentrates on a handful of stocks.

Miles wraps up with a look at Buffett's mistakes, investment, wealth and Buffeftt myths and lessons about life.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Common Mistakes in Personal Financial Planning

Learn from the common personal financial mistakes, avoid them and be successful in life.

1. Not setting measurable financial goals

Remember, we need a clear financial goal. No goals --> we're lost.

2. Not re-evaluating the financial plan periodically.

Another common mistake by a lot of people that they do not aware "plan" is not a fix thing. "Plan" is not dead it is alive! Just like your financial goals, you need to evaluate them often to make sure the plan is realistic but aggressive enough.

3. Waiting for financial crisis to hit before starting a personal financial planning

Sadly, this is how human behaves. When the financial crisis come, we only realize the importance of financial planning. By the time, it is already too late.

4. Expecting unrealistic returns on investments

Quick rich scheme? High Yield Investment Program (HYIP)? Is there a fastest way to get rich? Greedy is one of greatest human weakeness. Who is not greedy in this world?

If we can avoid all these common mistakes, we're one step ahead towards financial freedom. To become a completely freedom and financially independent!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Miracle Food that Cure My Illness

One of the problems I have is headaches until I start eating fish. I eat plenty of fish. Fish oil helps prevent headaches. At last, my headache stops bugging me. This is for long term cure. If you need fast cure immediately and you don’t want to eat medicine, try ginger which reduces inflammation and pain.

Other than headache, another common problem that I have is Memory Problems. As I don’t trust all the supplement which declare they can help improve memory, I eat oysters which help to improve your mental functioning by supplying much needed zinc. In fact, oysters are one of my favorite food. I love it so much.

The third illness that I have which I believe I might have in future and this illness is also a shy thing to talk about it here. Anyway I think it doesn’t matter. Here you go… My breast is quite big even though I’m guy but I kind of scare or anticipate I’m going to have breast cancer when I’m old later. So the miracle foods to cure my future shy illness are wheat, bran and cabbage which help maintain estrogen at healthy levels. I haven’t start eating them now but I have to keep reminding myself I have to start eating them now just in case what I anticipate becomes a truth. Just to be safe.

Monday, August 06, 2007

You’re millionaire but you don’t feel rich

A very interesting article from www.nytimes.com mentions that “In Silicon Valley, Millionaires Who Don’t Feel Rich”. This is quite a true statement in my opinion. The rich will never have enough money. They do not feel they are rich. The reason is not because they are not rich but simply is because all of us as a human being, we’re born to compare with others. Those millionaires compare to the millionaires who are richer than them, therefore they do not feel they are rich.

Let’s do a test to prove my statement whether you’re born to compare.

Job A:
Your salary is $5K per month and all your colleagues’ salary is $4K per month.

Job B:
Your salary is $6K per month and all your colleagues’ salary is $7K per month.

Think carefully, which job will you choose to have a happy life? Job A or Job B? If you choose Job A, this proves my statement is correct. Human is born to compare with others. If you choose Job B, then you prove me wrong. Keep in mind that in Job B, you’re doing the same job or same tasks but your colleagues’ salary is higher. Do you think you will still feel happy?

Sometimes I realize we try so hard forcing ourselves not to compare with others, but how many of us can actually achieve that? Can we really go against it, our human nature? So a lot of real smart people (of course not those millionaire in Silicon Valley) realize this fact and they choose Job A, live in the small town and become a king, appreciate and enjoy the rest of life. Sometimes we have to understand that we do not even need to fight to win a game.

Friday, August 03, 2007

When I can call myself a millionaire?

By definition, you can call yourself a millionaire when your net worth (assets – liabilities) has at least 1 million dollars. So when you’re millionaire, do you still worry about money? I bet you still. Then, why should one be a millionaire? I really don’t know. Millionaire doesn’t mean you’re financially independent or financial freedom. Millionaire doesn’t mean you’re being free from financial worries. I will be shame if I call myself a millionaire just because I have 1 million net worth. So I don’t want to be millionaire that you guys define. Millionaire to me is when I can do what I want, when I want, where I want, and with whomever I want. By the time I can achieve all these, I can call myself a millionaire.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Get What I Got – The Journey of Human’s Life

I want marriage and it turns out that I married the one who I don’t like. I want family and it turns out that I have a trouble kids. I want career and it turns out to have a stubborn boss. I want affair, it turns out no one wants to date me. I want friendship, it turns out they took all my money. Finally, marriage, family, career, affair, and friendship, none of them I have. But, what I get is what I’ve already got - the journey of human’s life.

How to make money in stock?

Novice investors would welcome this book. The author, William J O'Neil shares his expertise on what characterises a growth stock, when to cut losses and how to spot a market top. He is all for the rational appraoch. An apparent traditionalist, he does not rely on market hype but on a company's growth pattern. It is definitely back to basics with O'Neil.

Why your relationship with your boss deserves managing?

If you’re parent, you’ve spend time reflecting on the unique nature of your children and what style of parenting will best meet their needs. If you’re spouse, you have probably figured out the ground rules of your relationship, and know how it should be nourished.

Why, then shouldn’t you devote the same attention to your relationship with your boss? He or she certainly has a lot to do with your future and everything to do with the happiness factor at work. Surely this is a relationship worth working on. Don’t close your eyes to it or hope it will go away. Manage it!

Shopping at Fairs

Under any circumstances, when visiting a fair it is important to first take a good look around and check out all the packages and prices before making any purchase. Likewise, don’t settle on the first bargain that you see.

Shoppers should get to know the fair, compare prices between traders and other shops anywhere else first before making a decision. It would certainly help if you know the current market price of what you’re looking for.

Anyway these are the questions that you may want to ask yourself before you make a purchase at the fair:

  1. Do I fully understand exactly what I’m purchasing?
  2. What do I actually want from this particular product?
  3. Do I really need this particular product, or would a cheaper alternative be more suitable?
  4. Is the price the best on offer?
  5. Have I looked everywhere?

Didn't find what you want? Use Google Search Engine below: