Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Warren Buffett Wealth by Robert P Miles Review

If you don't know who Warren Buffett is, Robert Miles is just the person to introduce him to you. The author has written 2 books on Buffett and his investment methodology, and presented countless Buffett Wealth workshops world wide.

Cleanly and concisely, Miles starts off by explaining the old-fashioned strategies that the Omaha wizard has made famous. Suitably impressed and excited about increasing wealth, the reader can then check out what kind of investor he is in Chapter3. Chapter 4 explains the importance of having an investment philosophy and Chapter 5 asks if you know what you own.

Chapter 6 hones in on Buffett's idea of investing on Main Street rather than Wall Street. Chapter 7 explains why Buffett only concentrates on a handful of stocks.

Miles wraps up with a look at Buffett's mistakes, investment, wealth and Buffeftt myths and lessons about life.


半山芭老烟枪 said...

the king of shares,warren buffett,he is my idol.I learned many about how to buy quality shares from his books.

** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

Hi there, Good sharing of book lists you have it here! Thank you! I like the one about the fun of spending money! Look like a good excuses for us LADIES to continue spending our men's money :P
It looks like you do not blog a lot!? And it has been a year since you last shared your book list... any updates?

Buffett is a very Lucky Myth at One time and The time is over and will not ever happen again - why - the world was Much simpler at that time - he was one of the million to be So Dang Lucky. He did not Create anything for to benefit the world, I would take Bill Gates as my hero than Buffett.

The only book I am interested to read will be his biography which was released last month. But nothing in finance that I wish to learn, but his personal life - the strength of him and how he manage to keep them; as well as his weakness led to his broken marriage that has really intrigued me.

Our bookstore was much much emptier and less crowded a decade ago. Nowadays we have more and more so-called writers to publish which are mostly compiled from others ideas to publish their own books. I personally do not think these so-called financial sharing books are anything worth to spend time with -> How many of them are rich and kind enough to really share any practical 'technique'? Even if they do have, why on earth would they want to share the technique with us? The truth is, they are earning from us(sell book) than "giving" any to us...

To practically learn some techniques in finance is more essential thing to do I suppose.

ChampDog said...

I personally 100% agree that statement. It is one of the happiest moments in spending, don’t you think so? As for spending men’s money, arr… I’m not sure about that. Hahaha..Yes, I do not blog as often as used to be as I’m currently busy with my new role in my company. I just got promoted few months back. Anyway, somehow blogging consume me a lot of time too (maybe I’m not experience enough) and need to find the most effective way to blog (perhaps learn from you). I have been reading quite number of books but do not have a chance to write a review here. Too bad…

Is he really that lucky? Then Bill Gates could be lucky too right? He did not really write the OS. He bought it from somebody else. Bill is the lucky business man and Buffett is the lucky investor? Since you trigger me, I think my hero is Google’s founders. They’re the real technology guys…

What is the title of the book? Maybe I will take a quick look in Borders.

I still see quite number of people in the bookstore. Not that bad right? I think one of the reasons could be due to the “Internet”. A lot of information nowadays, we can get for “Free” as compared few years back before the internet. To be honest, we read a lot of books and how many of them really are useful or practical to us? It is probably less than 5%. Reading is good but we don’t practise what we just read, you will end-up you’re not reading at all.

Nice talking with you. :)

** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

The Snowball:Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
<-- thats the book's name.
Spending money-Im a wired woman or it'd explain well cos im an old woman/home saver as i dont find happiness in spending money anymore. I see the home is needing money more than spending it as I am the big saver at home, whereas hubby and son are still spending like flowing of water... and I try my best to stop their urge when they share with me for what the wish to spend money with... I know Im becoming a dictator at home nowadays :P

Hubby bought me a jewel two weeks ago it was sparkling beautiful but I cant help to keep it inside the box instead of wearing it cos i dont think it is worthy and most importantly I wish for ...something else.. hehe :))

I take money as one of the tools to find happiness - is that what the book about too? - but i dont get fancy bout 'spending money' itself... does it make sense?-I dont care how much I need to spend to get me That happiness. Eg, spending HK$30k for a trip 2-week backpacked trip to Europe, we enjoyed every minute of it, but hubby is arching it till years later whenever he thinks about it, but not me. Let bygone by bygone.. 30k or 3k to me doesnt make more difference than another zero... am i being too naive or too mature? I dont know. One thing i know everyone reading this line would want to spank me to wake up and tell me it is bcos i did not earn that money so i dont see the difference? :)

** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

by the way, congrats for the raise, position and salary, of cos :))
blogging, i started to blog only 3 mths ago, nothing much to share. But I have just recently moved to wordpress and it is Very Impressived! I had my 100+ post and 100+comments ALL imported to wordpress without hassles!! I even get all of the time stamp on comments - LOVE IT.

Wordpress provides a much efficient way in filing different topic/categories- thats what i need.

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