Sunday, September 02, 2007

Meeting Your Boss's Emotional Needs

When you're a boss, you need to understand how your employee's emotion. Same thing happen, when you're employee, you need to know what is your boss's emotion. Managing and meeting your boss's emotional needs in one way ahead to success in your career.

Some bosses need to know they're liked by employees. Others don't seem to care what anyone thinks. Maybe your boss is generous and fair but needs to see himself as a family patriarch rather then as a departmental manager. What kind of boss you have?

Let's first identify some common emotional needs bosses have. See which ones fit your situation.

Positive Feedback

Everyone needs to hear when they're doing a good job even is bosses. Give your boss a pat on the back now and then, particularly when he is distinguished himself by meeting difficult deadlines, wining awards or promotions. Your positive feedback can mean a lot to your boss when he is going through a difficult time. Single out one of this better qualities, his leadership, his fairness, his sincerity and let him know he is appreciated. Tell him you enjoying playing on his team.

You can show your loyalty to your boss b y demonstrating good work habits (e.g. being punctual and focused and by carrying out orders without undue complaining or questioning). Reserve criticism for one-on-one meetings. Bosses need loyal, trustworthy employees. In turn, he should reward you by going to bat for you with upeer-level management.

No matter how laid-back or fun-loving a boss you have, he still needs your respect. Your boss is never more vulnerable than in front of his boss or upper-level management. If you see that your boss has switched gears into a more structured, formal approach, do him a favor and follow suit. Don't persist in addressing him informally or casually dropping by his office.

To be liked
Few if any humans prefer isolation. Your boss is no exception. Identify his most admirable characteristics and commend him him for it.

People cast in leadership positions do not want to feel dependent. They want to exert strong influence and control. Help them by giving them information they need before they need it.

By figuring out what your boss needs emotionally, you will be fulfilling a subtle requirement that is never mentioned in a job description. When you meet your boss's emotional needs, he will reply on you, trust you, confident in you.


Anonymous said...

No matter how you do not like your boss, you also have to pretend like him.. Haha..

ChampDog said...

If we keep pretending, it probably will end up unhappy work life. One day it may blow up. I would probably setup 1-on-1 with him/her to discuss and how we can make the things better. Remember, different ppl has different ways of doing this. Different ppl has different priority. If we still can't accept our boss and keep feeling like hating the boss everyday we go to work, it won't bring any benefits to the company too. I would rather to change boss and make it a Win-Win situation.

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