Friday, September 21, 2007

Rich People's Problem - How to teach the rich kids?

When I see those very rich people especially those who own a prosperous business, they have a common problem - their kids. The most common problem is their children fight among themselves over the business and properties. This all happens because this bunch of rich kids has been wrongly educated by their rich parents. They have a mentality that everything that their parents own, it belongs to them. They take it for granted. They shouldn’t be thought this way.

In order to properly educate the rich kids so that they won’t become a problem when they grow up later, the parents should teach their children, “Nothing is for you. Whatever I earn is mine. Your job is to study whatever you want to study. Whatever you earn is yours”. When the children are taught with this kind of mentality, they won’t take things for granted.

This is how I want to teach my kids one day. :)


Anonymous said...

Rich kids are meant to lead a rich life and carry the brand of being "RICH" haha. have a nice day

footiam said...

A Poor man has to work hard and often neglects his children to. Raising kids is a rich man, poor man problem!

ChampDog said...

Good point. It is a poor man problems too. It looks like becoming a not so poor and not so rich man is a better choice? Live in a normal life and spend quality time with your kids?

Investment Realty said...
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Investment Realty said...

Hi there,
That is a very interesting post and it does bring up a good point. In addition to that, i do think that rich kids are also at an advantage over the average kid.

Provided that the child is willing to learn how to become wealthy himself, then he actually is very advantage in wanting to make the most of it.

I dont think this depends on how rich the parents are, but rather how they have educated their children.

Warren buffet apparently is only leaving his children about 2 million dollars.

while that is a fair bit of money it is nothing relatively speaking. He does this because he doesn't want to kill the children drive to achieve their own things in life.

I think that he is rightly so in doing that

Young Investor
Educating The Uneducated - One Person At A Time

ChampDog said...

Extra money always has the advantage but the question is really whether you know how to make used of the advantage or not. Most kids just take it for granted.

I completely agree with that it is all about how you educate your children regardless of you’re rich or poor. That’s why I want to properly teach my kids even thought I become rich one day (hopefully).

I’m not sure if he does the right thing. However with his mentality, I have confident that he can teach his children to achieve their own things too regardless of how much $ he leaves to them.

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