Sunday, September 30, 2007

Are you presenting yourself as a stereotype?

Do you model yourself on a television personality or pick a read-made image off the shelf of someone admire or even envy? This can be just as damaging for you. How can you be like another person? You are you, you are unique. Value our uniqueness. Revisit your list of strengths and tell yourself what you have to make you a unique person.

Attended a leadership training last Thursday and one of lessons about a leader that I learned is "Just to be Yourself". I have seen a lot of leader failed simply is because they're not being to themselves. They want to be someone especially their mentor. Also, f you want me to summarize one word that we learn from the book Thick Face Black Heart, I would say "Be Yourself". That is the key message to summarize the whole book.

It comes to question why someone has low confident than others. Why am I low confident, you may ask. It is all due to the fact that your environment (e.g spouse, family, friends) wants you to become somebody. I repeat, it is somebody not yourself. This is a very sad thing as I'm also being grown up in this way. Worst come to worst even until today, I'm also having this problem. All my loves one including friends, spouse and family, they want me to become somebody too. What a crap?

To my kids in future, I definitely educate them to be themselves not somebody. To my followers in future(if any, who knows I become great leader one day?), I will do the same. You don't lead people to become someone, you lead people to become who they are and be themselves. Be yourself is just a basic fundamental of happiness. Just that simple. Don't you think so?


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