Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Miracle Food that Cure My Illness

One of the problems I have is headaches until I start eating fish. I eat plenty of fish. Fish oil helps prevent headaches. At last, my headache stops bugging me. This is for long term cure. If you need fast cure immediately and you don’t want to eat medicine, try ginger which reduces inflammation and pain.

Other than headache, another common problem that I have is Memory Problems. As I don’t trust all the supplement which declare they can help improve memory, I eat oysters which help to improve your mental functioning by supplying much needed zinc. In fact, oysters are one of my favorite food. I love it so much.

The third illness that I have which I believe I might have in future and this illness is also a shy thing to talk about it here. Anyway I think it doesn’t matter. Here you go… My breast is quite big even though I’m guy but I kind of scare or anticipate I’m going to have breast cancer when I’m old later. So the miracle foods to cure my future shy illness are wheat, bran and cabbage which help maintain estrogen at healthy levels. I haven’t start eating them now but I have to keep reminding myself I have to start eating them now just in case what I anticipate becomes a truth. Just to be safe.

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Anonymous said...

This is very funny but this can happen. Breast cancer does happen to guys.

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