Thursday, August 02, 2007

Shopping at Fairs

Under any circumstances, when visiting a fair it is important to first take a good look around and check out all the packages and prices before making any purchase. Likewise, don’t settle on the first bargain that you see.

Shoppers should get to know the fair, compare prices between traders and other shops anywhere else first before making a decision. It would certainly help if you know the current market price of what you’re looking for.

Anyway these are the questions that you may want to ask yourself before you make a purchase at the fair:

  1. Do I fully understand exactly what I’m purchasing?
  2. What do I actually want from this particular product?
  3. Do I really need this particular product, or would a cheaper alternative be more suitable?
  4. Is the price the best on offer?
  5. Have I looked everywhere?


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