Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is China the Next Superpower?

This is a very interesting video to basically explain why China will NOT be the next superpower. I kind of agree with him especially on the military perspective. Don't you think United State is surrounding China somehow by helping out China's neighbors? Why do you think they want to do that? Enjoy this video...

So, does that mean US will continue to be superpower? I don't know but my experiences in China trips, tell me that the country moves a lot more faster than the people can move. It probably remains as great power but superpower will still belong to US. What do you think?

Nevertheless, regardless of whether China will be the next superpower, but I do think that it is important to learn Chinese if you want to be ready for it. One very obvious example is in today working environment, speaking Chinese has become essential especially dealing with China's customer. A smart move, is to learn Chinese (e.g. Australia has seen this, thus preparing their education for it). What about your country?

So, learn Chinese! Check out my previous post - Are you ready in 21'st century?

Merry Christmas!


maveric said...

The Chinese has a history of approximately 6k years...very 'closed & isolated' through the dynastic part & both very shameful &traumatic through the Opium Wars & cultural revolution eras.
Their 'pent-up' feeling release is understandable with their liberalization by TengSiawPeng in the early '80.I think the chinese's psychic is one of 'a speedy catch-up with & never to be looked down ever by the rest of the world '. That augurs the need to have the biggest dam(3 Gorges Dam) the best Olympic Games ever(Beijin'08)& technologically the most advance hi-speed train & highest altitude train track in the world etc2.
Well...they are presently earning the pariah tag of the biggest & most efficient 'copy cat'in the world & that means they are catching up on the technologies!...and with a demograph of a mean 1.4billion people..more than 3 times US..it is a matter of time ...say 70 years from now ..they will be a superpower once they get their innovation right!! my 2 cts worth.

ChampDog said...

70 years? That is very long. I thought people are talking about maybe the next 5 to 10 years, China will be taking over. :)So I guess your opinion is it is very unlikely?

Btw, the longest high-speed rail from GuagZhou to Beijing is just ready.

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