Friday, October 20, 2006

The secret of wealth and happiness

In many years, I was searching for the answer of wealth and financial freedom until one day I finally realized this secret. What is the secret of wealth and financial freedom? Ok, let me reveal and share the secret to you but please don't be surprise when you know the answer is that simple. Well, human is a very weird and complex animal, I have to admit that. We are working so hard to achieve our goal and yet our goal is so simple to reach. Why? Probably they haven't realized the 3 simple steps below. Sad to say that, yet it is simple, most of the people cannot do it.

Ok here it comes. The 3 simple steps are:

  1. Spend less than your monthly income
  2. Buy only things that you can really afford
  3. To accept the that there are things that you have to do without
These 3 steps not just necessary for financial freedom but also critical to happiness. Ok, let assume you are violating step 1 and step 2 continuously for years. Yes, you may enjoy the one little happy moment at the beginning, and what is next? Will you still happy? Even if you follow the step 1 and step 2 but not in step 3 which means you can't accept the things that you have to do without, will you still happy? Step 3 is the hardest thing throughout my life experience.

Now, you have already known the secret. These 3 steps are very important and very basic for wealth and happiness. If you are able to perform all these 3 steps continuously for years, you will be financial freedom and it is just a matter of time. Step 3, think about it. Can you really make it?


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