Thursday, May 31, 2007

Going to San Jose, CA

I’m going to San Jose this Saturday for a week to attend a Design Symposium organized by my headquarter company. This is my second time visit US. Since I have been here before, what I really want to focus on this trip is the FOOD. I want to try all kind of food in including, Japanese, Korean, Vietnam and etc. Hopefully this trip won’t over spend. My next US trip would probably visit Arizona or New York City. Wish me luck!

Talking about travel, there are 2 kind of argument. The first argument says that travelling is waste of time and money. We should avoid travel as little as possible. The second argument says that travelling is to recharge your battery so that you can perform better after the vacation and hence make more money in long run. Some argue will you still really enjoy your trip if you have money limitation during the travel. What is your opinion? Should we not to waste our money for travelling or should we treat it as an investment?

After some thoughts for a while, I think I found the answer. The answer is THIS IS ALL UP TO YOU!!! Don’t you agree with me?


** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

Im sure travel experiences would give more merits than demerits to anyone, if it is affordable. It widen our sights and life perspective. We always hope to raise our child to be an open-minded person into the field that we both could not possible be... therefore, we dont mind to tag along our child with us even it has been much h assle with him around.... the farthest to Germany, the nearest to discover all playgrounds within the neighborhood.

I hope you get to enjoy more of your future trips

ChampDog said...

Ya, just need to be careful in overspending. I have seen a lot of people spending too much on buying unnecessary stuff during travel.

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