Friday, July 06, 2007

Health and Wealth

Do you realize health can build wealth but not the other way round? But the question is why majority of the people focusing on building wealth first rather than health? Some may said without wealth, they do not have a time to build health. Is this really true? So what exactly we should focus on? If we have wealth but do not have health, that is confirmed useless. So it remains only one answer. We should focus on health and put it as the first priority before we can actually build wealth. To build wealth, first you need to have a healthy body. Even I have told you or you have already known the fact, you will still not going to focus on health. That is how our world works now. We all know the facts but we do not take any action. When we try to take action, it won't last long and we usually give up in a short period. Everything will then later back to the square one and the health once again has been forgotten.


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