Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is Singapore a Clean Country?

Is Singapore a clean country? Yes, I used to think that but I no longer sure after this trip. I just got back from Singapore for a business trip. I arrived in Singapore on this Tuesday. This trip really changes my impression to Singapore that I had 8 years ago. Of course, 8 years ago I only visited Orchard road and I thought all areas in Singapore is like in Orchard. It turns out that I was wrong.

Hotel Sucks and Dirty!

After staying for 2 days 3 nights in a hotel called "Lion City Hotel" in Singapore, what I bring back is the reddish spot on my hands and this reddish spot very itchy sometimes. Luckily it just on my hand and I hope it won’t spread to my whole body. I stayed in the Superior room type which costs me about S$124. Due to the cost saving of my company, our budget is around S$150. I don’t have many choices and it seemed like the Lion City Hotel is the best candidate. If you look at the website, it really seems fine (at least clean enough). Don’t you think so? But, when I reached there the first night, it was really a nightmare!
  1. The room is very smelly. One kind of smell when first entered the room.
  2. Toilet is also very smelly and looks dirty.
  3. Toilet paper has been used before. No brush and toothpaste provided.
  4. Carpet in the floor is broken and if you look inside is it dark the dirty. I don’t know how to describe. It is just like shit or someone just vomit there.
  5. TV is very unclear and no remote control.
  6. Dust is everywhere. You can see the dust on the TV, Window, furniture and the corner between 2 walls. Yuacks!!!
  7. Inside the water boiler is like have a shit and mold stick with it. It is dark and black in colour. How can I pour coffee?

Rubbish Everywhere!

Surprisingly the area nearby the hotel is also full of rubbish. I saw rubbish is everywhere on the floor. I saw people just throw whatever to the floor (e.g. cigarette, food, plastics beg). A lot of people smoke in public too. I thought Singapore disallow people smoke in public? I thought Singapore disallow people simply throw rubbish too? Why this place is an exception? Is it because it is near Geylang, the red area - famous due to the prostitution business? This is really disappointing.

It seems like Singapore is just like another normal country like Malaysia. It is not as clean as I thought. Well, it seems like every country must have a place like that. Don’t you think so? Of course, Singapore is not an exception. What do you think? Is Singapore a clean country? Perhaps what I experienced is just a very minority?

p/s: Btw, I hope my reddish spot is not some sexual viruses. It should be due to the allergy. Don’t scare me. It is kind of worry me. :D


Anonymous said...

wow .. I am sorry to hear that. I have never been to Singapore. I would love to backpacking to there.

I heard the foods there are good.

Hope you get well soon!

ChampDog said...

Ya, I think it is just some parts in the Singapore. Having said so, I believe the majority areas in Singaproe still very clean as compared to the rest of Asia countries in Asia. It is just my perception that Singapore is clean “everywhere”.

About the food, it is kind of really impress me because I thought (most people said) the food there is a lot worst than in Malaysia. But so far I have tried food in both shopping centers and hawker stalls, they’re very delicious and special.

Anonymous said...

Well ive work at singapore for few years and i can assure you that what you sayin is really true. although the main city is really clean and nice to see but theres certain part in the city which you cant bare your eyes to see. for example, i ever seen a cargo container then made into house and its like more than 10 person livin in it. trust me, ive seen it.

Anonymous said...

Good night, sorry for lousy comment. maybe cause it late now. off to bed. cya.

ChampDog said...

Cargo container that stays for 10 people? This thing happens in Singapore? I guess those must be foreigner workers especially for those construction projects? I have seen quite number of these kind of people on my way to office in the morning. They sit on a truck.

Your comment is the good one and thanks for commenting. Good night! I’m going to sleep soon too. Zzzz...

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you say Singapore is not a clean city.

I think overall Singapore is one of the cleanest among most S.E Asian countries. I am sure there are certain part of Singapore that are less desirable.

I was impressed with Sing. airport whenever I visit Singapore.

But, I have never like Singapore ever since I was a young girl. I love space and nature but Singapore and H.K are 2 places which do not offer that kind of luxury.

Having worked in both places in my earlier years, I dislike the working environment to the maximum.

I think I will stick with my 50acres country living in central Florida for a long long time :).


ChampDog said...

I’m not surprise that you surprised. :) I told some of my Singapore friends and most of them are surprised too. I do agree in overall in Singapore is one of the cleanest country in Asian and of course certain places are less desirable like what I have experienced.

You’re right that space is one of the limitations in both SG and HK. I’m also like you, I need a lot of spaces. Living in the small space environment can drive me crazy. Unless I’m a very super rich in Singapore and afford to buy a landed property, then it is a different story then.

In terms working environment, I think it is quite stressful. This is what my ex-course mates who work in SG have been telling me. I think another thing is the living cost in SG is quite high such as buying a car in SG is not everyone can afford and etc.

Wow! 50 acres country living in Central Florida! It sounds really a very nice place to stay. Good for you! :)

Nadlique said...

I've been to Singapore and am currently staying in Australia but at the end of the day, being a Malaysian, there's no place like home :)

Anonymous said...

sad...I really wanted to see Singapore to witness how clean their country is. I'm surprised!

footiam said...

Maybe, Lee Kuan Yew will look up and pull your ear! Any way, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Champ!

ChampDog said...

Ya, I agree Malaysia is a good place to stay for several reasons. I believe you and I what are also aware not everything is good in Malaysia. In certain aspect, Malaysia is really screwed up somehow. As long as we can tolerance with it, it doesn’t really matter.

You got to experience that yourself. Share with me one day when you have been to Singapore. Depends on the place that you go in Singapore, you may totally disagree with me. :)

Opsss… Honestly if Lee Kuan Yew comes and pulls my ear, it is really my honor. I will feel really proud. I’m sure you will feel the same. Don’t you think so? Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!

Mt. said...

I think its just you have grown up and see more things now :D

like any place, spore has many areas, some different than others, thats about it ...

once I stay in an Indian community in Singapore, which turns out to be the 'cheapest' area in Singapore and its quite bad indeed.

In singapore, chinese are dominant, malay and indians are 'treated' as 2nd class ... malaysia is malay vs others, USA is white vs black ... so the cleaniness of areas and community goes accordingly .... not a pleasant fact but nevertheless a human nature .....

Mt. said...

btw, wait till u stay in some old hotel in Hong Kong, especially the old HK part, ie. koow loon .... said...

Not so clean huh?

I still prefer Sarawak, lotsa land and greens mmmmmm ...

footiam said...

Yes, Champ. I would like that from Lee Kuan Yew too!

ChampDog said...

Maybe is the other way round. I haven't grown up yet before the trip. After the trip, I only grow up. lol. You brought up a very good point, every country is the same and there is no exception. Hmm... what about in Europe? Paris?

Hopefully one day we can become famous enough to attract him. lol
Ya in certain place(near Geylang road). Maybe as what Mike said it is similar to the Kowloon in Hong Kong. You know what those place for right?

Ya, usually we prefer our hometown. I have been to Sarawak when I was young. It is a nice place and especially the "durian" there was so cheap...

SheR. said...

Hee hee. It's amusing to hear that about SG. I'm a Singaporean myself. Of course we are like every other country. Nobody's perfect!
Try going to downtown areas like Chinatown (back alleys)! The stench.. makes me vomit. How on earth did those restaurants survive?? And toilets in coffeeshops still put me off. I'll hold my pee. Thank you. I do agree that Little India is very dirty. But you can't blame us, most foreigners live there! :P
I like Malaysia for the simple life. Love the Roti canai and the milk tea!!! *salivating at the thought* Though the older shopping centres are similar to those in SG. Stinky. People smoke in there.... And the toilets. (Let's not go there.)
Every country is wonderful in its own little way. :)

ChampDog said...

Yeah, I agree with you. Every country is unique and it really depends on what you want which countries suit you the best. :)

What about in Croatia? It seems really nice. Too bad, I haven't been to any Europe's countries. :)

** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

Overall cleanliness it should be HK and Japan in line, before Spore. I only remember the main road of Spore is clean, i wasnt impressed of the rest of the town... As for daily maintains, u'll be impressed how the hongkongers and Japanesedos have keep their public premises clean with hourly cleaners... The dirtiest spot in HK i can find would be some of the back lanes that you get to see from movies where gangster had their biz... but they are clean in overall, most HK'ger are clean/perfect-minded :)) Japan is even more serious on this issue. It is the most pleasant experience to visit Japan, except I try to tell myself to forget those grand-mother stories told by the last generations for they had attacked us... *sob*

I have a trick to share with everyone about living in a hotel: make sure you request to be on the Non-smoking floor. Most of the 3* and above rated hotel would have a floor ready for non-smokers/parents with babies. I first discovered this when we had our 1.5yo tagging along in traveling to Europe.

Last year, the last time I tried this trick, the hotel staff found a mistake in providing me such a room on that particular floor although they found such a term signed in my book from the screen, they apologize and tried to squeece me into other rooms in normal floors... and when i raised my voice a little bit, i got a free-upgrade to top floor and the one of the best 2 rooms in the hotel (corners, with spectacular view!) bcos most of the rooms were fully booked. :P

ChampDog said...

Weird, recently a lot of ppl commented on my travel stuff...

Thanks for the sharing about Japan and Hong Kong. I visited HK many years ago... and I think I have already forgotten how it looks like.

I love the tips and I think I should have request non-smoking room every time I book a hotel. Nice tips!

forex-tiwisue said...

My first impression on Singapore is also "clean", seems like Singapore government has done a good job in promoting the country. Well, when I reached Boon Lay, my cousin's house, I thought all places are clean but I am wrong. The food court's tables and chairs are oily... I really felt uncomfortable. Maybe I had high expectation on Singapore :p

ChampDog said...

Yupe, same to me too. I have the same experiences. :)

generic viagra said...

I think that a Singapore is a really clear country.. I was here like 1 mouth ago and is incredible, a very nice place

ChampDog said...

Not all places are clean, depends on where you go to. :)

Anonymous said...

Having lived in SIngapore for nearly 10 years , I can confirm Singapore is not the clean , green city it was , mainly to to an excessive immigration with people of different social culture.
The infrastructure is overloaded , housing is extremely expensive , and the over tarmacing and concreting is creating many problems including flooding .
I would agree that not many visitors go outside the tourist areas and get a false idea of the real Singpore

ChampDog said...

I'm now at Sydney, experienced the same thing as well. Depends on the Suburbs that you go, some places are really not that clean. Perhaps you're right, it is due to the immigrants. Low quality of immigrants?

All advanced countries have their bad side. :) Singapore is not excluded, I guess. Overall, maybe still better than Malaysia, I think! :)

Anonymous said...

Singapore was and still is a cleaned , not a clean city , but as the population has grown , the cleaning services have not kept up and the problem is showing everywhere . The main tourist areas are kept cleaner.
Even a decade ago after storms ,drains vomited vast amounts of rubbish into to sea .
Singapore may be cleaner than other countries in SE Asia , but its no example .

ChampDog said...

Wow this post was 6 years ago, and thanks for the comment. I think I have forgotten how dirty it was. I know Japan and Korea is very clean. Japan is cleaner I think. I used to think Singapore is like them.

Nevertheless, I think I should visit Singapore again since it has been quite some time. Maybe I will see thing differently especially now I'm living in Sydney. I can compare it with Sydney. :)

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