Sunday, February 10, 2008

How healthy is your bone?

Few weeks ago, I walked by in the grocery store and somehow accidentally did a bone health check (attracted by a pretty promoter). :D It was organized by Anlene in worldwide. What surprised me was not my result but the result of a young guy who queued in front of me.

I am happy that I have the highest score that indicates my bone is at healthiest level. However the fellow in front of me has -2 score. He is very young and looks really healthy. So I silently peek on his personal particular data, he is just 27 years old! Oh my god, 27 years old at the moderate risk?

This tells me that bone problem (sound more technically it is called Osteoporosis) does not happen to old guys only but also young guys. I read the handout from Anlene and it says the following which may explains why this guy has a low score.

“You may think your bones are strong this is because you feel strong from the outside. What you don’t know is your bones could actually be rotting and decaying form the inside.”

“Do you know that your bones have 2 layers? The outer layer is hard and solid. But the inner layer is sponge-like, making it weaker and more vulnerable to decay. Because of this, bone decay usually goes unnoticed, until it’s too late.”

Understanding Your Bones

You may not aware that our bone is living and growing tissue. It is constantly breaking down, rebuilding, regenerating and repairing itself. Through this cycle, your entire skeleton is completely renewed every 10 years. Because of this reason, you can change your health bone status to become better or worst. Since I have a healthy bone now, I will have to make sure I maintain the healthy level:
  1. Continue my exercise routine (At least twice a week)
  2. Continue eating diet rich in calcium (E.g. Milk, yogurt, fruit and green vegetable)
  3. Continue my healthy lifestyle
    • I smoke and drink alcohol occasionally but I guess I have to stop smoking completely.
    • I think I will still drink alcohol occasionally because I think drink a little bit is in fact good for health. Is it the true?
    • I will still continue drinking coffee but maximum is 1 glass per day.
  4. Perform bone health check in every 5 years.
Do you have a healthy bone? Maybe you should start doing bone health check now if you haven’t done so :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah.. nowadays young people tends to forget their health and only pay attention on working... sad...

ChampDog said...

Ya, very sad. This is because health is long term. Most people like to ignore anything that a has long term effects. Inflation is also one of them. :)

HS Ooi, CFP® said...

Yup, people tends to "see" the enjoyment now rather than the suffering in the future.

Btw, is coffee bad for bones? Is it true that losing bone density is irreversible?

Mt. said...

thanks ... good post ...

ChampDog said...

Jose, finally you're here. Maybe those people over enjoy "the present".

Yupe, coffee (specifically caffeine) is bad for bones because it can cause the depletion of calcium in your bone. So I guess not only coffee, some of the Chinese Tea or Japanese tea consist of high caffeine. I have been told 1 glass of coffee per day is acceptable, so I would keep that as a limit. :D I still need it once in a while.

Also FYI, you need Vitamin D to absorb the calcium and Vitamin D can be get from green vegetable and morning sunlight.

Mike, you’re welcome!:)

Anonymous said...


Smoking is big no no.

Asian women who are smaller frame are worst hit by osteoporosis.

Walking with weight is the best form of exercise for good bone.

Here in the US, women after 50's can do yearly bone density check in most clinic.

It is no fun to get old, but it is worst if you are sick and not healthy.

Working in the hospital does not make me wanted to get old :). Though living to 100 is normal here in the US but I don't think it is something I desire.

My father in law is 85, who probably is stronger than most people in their 50's :).

Take care.

ChampDog said...

Yes, I agree. Smoking is a big NO.

Yes, osteoporosis usually hits women but it still can happen to men. Do you mean those women after 50 can check their bone health for free? Just women, but man cannot? Men have to wait until 60? I do a lot of weighting in the gym, I guess this should help too. Maybe that’s why my bones are quite strong. Hahaha…

Yes, I agree getting old is not fun especially our health condition is bad. Not only that you, bad health cost money too!

footiam said...

Oh! You smoke! Do stop smoking and be a champ!

ChampDog said...

Shmmm!!!... once in a blue moon only for social propose. :D

Anonymous said...

We don't have free health care (nothing is free in this world, I used to have free health care in Australia but government took out more than 52% on my payroll and they call it tax :), here we don't have free health care but we have health insurance where my employee and myself contribute :):)), my health insurance enable me to do bone density check. :). Normally, men are not as affected as woman, of course in everything, there is such thing call 'exception' :):).


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ChampDog said...

I thought free health care is common in U.S? Hahaha… I see, it is still better than nothing. For my company, we can claim up to RM500 per year to perform any medical check up. Yes, you’re right osteoporosis usually hits women as compared to men.

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