Monday, December 08, 2008

3 Weeks Experiences in Ireland

Just to write down some notes every time I travel around the world. When I was in Shanghai, China, I learned that I can’t deny that Chinese people are indeed very good in business. They basically understand human’s weakness and attack from there. When I was in California, United State, I learned that how systematic the country is. Driving has never been a problem once you understand the how U.S road system works. This round I spend 3 weeks in Ireland, Europe and what did I learn from Ireland? I learned that Ireland is a very relax country.

Why I say Ireland is a very relax country?

This is perhaps a little bit negative observation (depends on how you look at it) that I had while dealing with most of the local people there. This contributes to the major factor why I said Ireland is a relax country. Most of them have “Don’t Care” attitude while I was dealing with them including police man (i.e they call it Garda there), my wife’s land lord, most of the cashier, my wife’s relocation consultant, agents from the air port and etc.

"As long as the things works, who cares? Let’s close one eye as long as no body complains about it. This is good for you and good for me, win-win situation."
Not to go into details about the quality of works, I’m honestly not impressed too. With all these experiences, I conclude that Ireland is a very relax country and they know exactly how to appreciate life. What their main focus is definitely not “Work” but rather than how to enjoy life. Perhaps this also applies to the rest of the Europe which I kind of suspect too.

More things about Ireland (based on my experiences) if you’re interested to know:
  • Irish drivers are friendly
  • Road system in Ireland sucks
  • Building structures in Ireland is amazing
  • The nicest bear that I have ever drunk in Ireland
  • Ireland has a very enjoyable natural environment
  • The best food in Ireland is Indian food

Why I say Irish drivers are friendly?

What I was impressed is while I was driving in the rural area is almost everyone says hi to me while we’re passing each other. Driving is generally aggressive and fast there. Most drivers can drive pretty fast in a very narrow road and what I’m really impressed is they’re still following the rules and drive safety. Unlike in Malaysia, we’re aggressive but we do not concern on the safety and do not follow rules (perhaps we don’t even know what the rules are). Although they drive fast and aggressive, they’re also a patient, polite and friendly driver. They don’t simply use the horns unless it is really necessary. :D

Why I say road system in Ireland sucks?

In short, I don’t think the road system is designed for visitors. It is not really well organized at all. These are the few things are totally unacceptable to me:
  • No sign board, no road names on the road
  • Sign board in the Dublin City is embedded in the building. There is no way you can see it while driving.
  • No lights in the junction. At night it is completely darkness even at the junction of the roads.
  • Some highways, you need to pay on-line before we can use it or else you will get
So basically if you have a map, you can’t survive in Ireland. I bet you will be definitely lost. Luckily I can still survive is because of my GPS device. :D . I 99% depend on my GPS device while driving in Ireland. I can’t imagine what would happen without the GPS. A very funny thing is you need to pay on-line for using some of the highways or else you will get summon. How the hell the visitors will know?

Why I say building structures in Ireland is amazing?

If you like to see all those historical building or castle, Ireland is definitely a place to you. A lot of castles and cool buildings structure there. Looking at those buildings is not really my interest but 1 out of 10 building, I did feel impressed. Wow! How they can build such a thing? Also, they like to use stone to build those buildings or houses.

Why I say the nicest beer that I have ever drunk in Ireland?

Beer in Ireland is unbelievable fresh and nice. It just tastes so much nicer than the one we have in Malaysia. In Malaysia, it is like torturing ourselves with the beer but in Ireland, it is like rewarding ourselves. Used to hate “Guinness Stout”, but it doesn’t taste that bad at all when I visited the factory.

Why I say Ireland has a very enjoyable natural environment?

To me, the nicest thing in Ireland is the weather. I love the weather there which is between 0 C to 10 C throughout the whole years. It is like natural air conditional to me. Not much dusk and dirt there even in the larger city or larger town. There are a lot of natural places such as the water fall, cliff, lake are really cool. If you like hiking, camping, rock climbing, I bet you will love Ireland very much too.

Why I say the best Food in Ireland is Indian food?

Perhaps this is a little bit weird but according to some of the Indian guys, they mentioned that the Indian food in Ireland is even better than those in India. I have tasted it myself and I can tell that, it is better than in Malaysia and better than the one I have tried in U.S. too. I love Indian food the most in Ireland. Irish food is okay but it contains too many of potatoes. They're treating potatoes like our rice. As for Chinese food or Thai food, don't waste your money. It is purposely designed for Irish (drinking a Tom Yam soup is like drinking a plain water).


I think Ireland is a very good place for retirement provided that you have enough money to spend in the rest of your life because the living standard is generally higher as compared to most of the countries. To me, it is definitely not a place for me because I can’t really stand on the “Don’t Care” attitude culture. Sorry…

If you just want to visit Ireland, there are 3 things that you can enjoy. The first thing is the building stuff, the second is the natural places (e.g. along the sea side, rivers, cliff) and the third is beer. If you’re not interested in these 3 things, you may as well visit other countries. That’s all about my experiences in Ireland. :)


Mt. said...

great you get to spend 3 weeks there ...

Anonymous said...

Haha, ireland is slow? I think wales is much slower. :P Irish beer is nice, but I've never been there. Hahaha. Anyway, even in London, the people are quite 'relax' as compared to asians.

ChampDog said...

Ya, I think it generally applies to Europe countries. :)

Francisco said...

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ChampDog said...

I forgot when exactly I had said that. Did I actually say that?

As long as you have set realistic goals and with a proper financial planning, anyone can be financial independence. :)

Anonymous said...


Glad that you enjoy your holiday in Ireland.

I spend about 12 mths back pack back then in 1990, covered a lot of European countries.

I personally do not particularly care for European countries. Though they have great historical buildings like castles and nice country side & sight but a lot of these countries are so backwards (except Germany and Swiss), old slow and congested. Small and crowded houses with very little land.

I stay with the locals so I have a fair bit of the local lives there.

American life is so much different from European life. Good and bad. In the US, we work like dogs, we have plenty of lands, big houses , big cars, lots of stuffs from household utilities to toys, we have the newest of the newest. I could not even keep up with all the newest gadgets, either at work or leisure. And I only live in a very small city, with a population of 100k, ironic, isn't it.

On one hand I love America life style, on the other hand, I hate it. We are always so competitive, always on the go, always want to be no. 1 and we will never live like the Irish.

Sometimes I ponder do we really need all these stuffs to be happy ? Does it matter if I have a house on a 5 acres lot ? Does it make me more happier if I have a iphone, blackberry ( I sold my blackberry recently, got it free), a wifi system, a GPA system etc... ? We work so hard to get all these stuffs but we sometimes do not have time to relax and play :).

Human is human lah. I just read an Asian lady blog whose daughter wish this year is to have a barbie doll, I thought walau, my son school 5 year old girl classmates have tons of barbie dolls. Then I read our Malaysian lady who reside in France that her husband wanted a Wide screen plasma TV so much, I thought aiya, here less than $200 can get lah.

So good and bad, wish we can have a body where we can fly over to country like Ireland in 5 seconds, enjoy the relax life there and then come back to US to enjoy all the stuffs we got here, that would be so good , he he he he he.

Have a bless Christmas !


ChampDog said...

Not in Ireland, you can find a lot of bungalow and and with very large land. That's why when it comes to the night, it is so scary. Generally, I think most of the houses there belongs to the farmers. A lot of farmers there...

I like U.S. lifestyle too especially in California because of its weather. Some of the places are quite relax too right even in the new york city? Perhaps 50/50? The most busy and competitive country or workaholic country should be in Japan. True?

Anonymous said...

really? it's like that in ireland? i've always wanted to visit the place

Anonymous said...

I have never worked in Japan so I cannot comment but I worked in Hong Kong for a couple of year. Most Hongkees are workaholic. Americans too, very workaholic. I think the reasons why we are so workaholic is that there are too many things to buy. We need money to buy more things, so we work like dogs to buy the things we love.
No lah, we are stress people living in a big stress place :), why got relax one :"Some of the places are quite relax too right even in the new york city? Perhaps 50/50?"

I do not like California. Ok to go for vacation, but to live, I hesitate. I do not like the culture there, too liberal for me, I also think it is too polluted, esp, areas around L.A, look at the sky remind me of K.L, very dirty. Might be North California ok lah not as bad. I like my Florida, I am still wearing my mini skirt these few days, so many places are covered with snows and here I am wearing short sleeves and short skirts :):):). I am more incline to Southern culture, more conservative, more family value and more like Asian culture, not like the main stream Angmo culture, even call the grandpa by first name. If my son does that, memang kena rottan by me :):).


ChampDog said...

I think so. It is a country with nice environment and nice scene for us to visit. The best place that I live in Ireland is "Cliffs of Moher". You can google it and there are some nice picture there. I love that place. Actually I feel like I want to climb it too. :D

I see, the reason I said that as I have few relatives in new york city but they don't seem to be a workaholic to me. In fact, they are quite know how to enjoy life. Perhaps I would sample the minority again and I think you should have more solid data and experiences since you're staying there.

Yupe, Japan is very workaholic. I never been there too but it is my general understanding about that country and also I deal with some of the customer in Japan, it is kind of same impression to me. I know 90% smoke and drink too maybe cause of too stressful environment.

Yupe I meant the north side of California too not the LA. LA is a desert in fact. The draw back is the living expenses there is quite high (i.e. those silicon valley places). I"m not sure about Florida, I had some relatives there last time but I think now they're no longer there.

How about Oregon? I heard that place is very nice place to stay. Living expenses are not high and the infrastructure there is quite complete and convenient.

JamyTan said...


Oregeon is beautiful, lot of outdoor sport. Beautiful state but too cold for me (at least the winter), I do not like cold at all. All I can take is 60 degree, any thing under that is too cold for me.

I love Florida, blue sky, blue sea, lots of beaches, winter is mild and not too cold, very short winter. I don't like snow neither do I like to buy too much clothes on season change.

Climate wise I still prefer Sydney Australia weather, opportunity wise, culture wise, I prefer American.

I love blue sky , blue sea cos I am a true blue Islander (from Borneo island lah :), so I prefer to live in a place where there are lots of sunshine, beaches and blue sea so Florida fit my personality. Chinese fortune teller told my mom that because my element is fire and metal so living near the sea give me 'ung' and it will bring out the best in me, ha ha ha. For some reasons I find that I am most happy with bright sun light, even with house, I like high cathedral ceiling that let light in. I saw a very beautiful house with very high ceiling and drop floor window, boy, I fall in love with that house in first sight. The house is amazing bright with all the sunlight, I am drooling to buy that house, aiya, the seller does not want to drop its price lah, very susah hati, have to wait wait wait...

ChampDog said...

Ya, I believe the owner will sooner drop the price. Just keep an eye on that. :) Wish you can get that house. How many houses you have in Florida?

JamyTan said...

Yes, we will wait and see. One in the city, one I would not call exactly home in the country and a few pieces of land. We are looking for a new home the next 12 months. One of our friends want to buy our present home but then he has to sell his present home. Now with market, I doubt if he can sell his house. Worst scenario, I rent out my present home.

ChampDog said...

Ok, wish you luck! (opss, forgot you don't believe in luck) hahaha...

Anonymous said...

oh no... such a boring post, sorry, to read u money/biz-minded ppl talking about traveling. I was happy at first when I glance thr your labels and found this but im kinda disappointed.

I agree with you that u wont like it there in Ireland bcos of the 'dont care' attitude. And do you realize why would you have so many complains about sign boards/road system and all? it is simply bcos they 'dont care'!

I personally have visited many major cities in Europe and enjoy all of my trip being a people-oriented person and educated in literature and languages. Ireland has much more than those 3 items you named and I hope to get to visit some other places that you would enjoy. If you dont appreciate nature and cultural, you should have spent your holiday and money in places in more advance mode.

Our next goal is Spain or North pole - depends on which of my boy-friend takes me there first :P

ChampDog said...

It was written for the intention of sharing my travel experiences and no hard feelings. In fact, I will be going there soon again because my wife is working there. I do like natural stuff but as for cultural I think I'm kind of need to learn how to appreciate that. Great that you've a plan to visit Spain and North Pole. Visiting North Pole is one of my to go list. :) All the best to you!

forex-tiwisue said...

Wau! I enjoy reading the post as I enjoy travelling very much. I prefer to join the country's local people and enjoy their daily lifestyle instead go to the high class places. In fact, I am a fresh graduate and still working for my travelling goal...

ChampDog said...

I'm glad that you like it. Traveling is good that you can have widen perspective on the world. Since you're fresh grad, why don't you can look for job which has an opportunity for you to travel? Most of my travel especially to overseas is sponsored by my company. :D

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