Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lifting Heavy Object Can Cause Prolapsed Hemorrhoid

I just want to share an experience that recently I had been infected with "Prolapsed Hemorrhoid". This is due to the fact that I’m lifting a very heavy object. I wasn’t aware there is such thing in this world until it happened to me. So, be careful next time if you want to leave a heavy object, think twice!

I’m trying to explain in the layman term. As you can see in the picture, "Internal Hemorrhoid" or sometimes it is called "Internal Piles" is the internal artery inside your anus and when you’re lifting heavy object, it pressures the blood downwards until it is prolapsed out of the anus. So it turns out a lump around anus as big as a blueberry. It is actually a blood clot and don’t ever use needle to break it or else you will get infection.

How I cure Prolapsed Hemorrhoid within 2 weeks?
  1. Eat a medicine called "Daflon". 2 pellet at a time, 500mg per pellet and twice a day after meal.
  2. Eat a lot of fibre and drink a lot of water.
  3. Don’t rush while shitting and let the gravity does the physics.
  4. Eat grape seeds supplement.
I hope it won’t come back to me anytime soon as long as I keep my eating habit healthy and don't push too hard while shitting. :D It is not a fun experience. :( Fore more information, please visit hemorrhoid in Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

:O I know lifting heavy object is bad for your body esp if you lift it in a wrong posture.

But din know about thingy. =_=

Anyway, jz glad that you r fine now :D

ChampDog said...

Yes, it will hurts your back. Therefore, if you don't want to hurts your back, then you straighten your back but by doing this you will be giving the pressure to hemorrhoid. This is something new to me too.

forex-tiwisue said...

Glad that you are fine, ChampDog. I am wondering, why didn't you pull the heavy object but you lift it, instead?

ChampDog said...

At that point in time, I need to lift it to the car and move it to another place. It was a big plant actually. :D

Imadriverlikeyou said...

dear god, i must be careful while carrying heavy stuff then:O
gotta get myself checked.
is there any traditional cure for this?

ChampDog said...

The traditional or the most natural way is to eat a lot of fibers until it is recovered. It takes time or may not even able to recover if the condition is too serious.

Anonymous said...

this makes me feel more comfortable about my condition since you used the term 'shitting'.

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