Sunday, October 18, 2009

Are You Ready in 21st Century? Speak Chinese?

19th century belonged to England, 20th century belonged to United State, and 21st century belongs to China. Do you agree?

When I was first graduated around 10 years ago, I were not required at all to deal with China people and today it is almost like day-to-day activities that I have to deal with China folks. It happens to almost anyone around the world. Whether you're from Asia, Europe or U.S, I bet you're some how cannot run away from dealing China. Is that true?

I like the following quote from Jim Roger (i.e. he is an U.S. economist who currently stay in Singapore) who strongly believe that Asia has a strong potential.

"If you were smart in 1807 you moved to London, if you were smart in 1907 you moved to New York City, and if you are smart in 2007 you move to Asia."
I know some of us (probably some of the economist as well) are still denying the fact (maybe not the fact yet to you?) that 21st Century belongs to China. But by the time you realize, will it be too late already? See the following interview of Jim Roger:

The question is are we ready? Have you prepared yourself in 21st century? A very obvious answer is to prepare yourself is to “Learn Chinese”. Therefore, you can see the following trend which is happening today:
  • Not so smart people at least send their kids to Chinese school because they think they are probably too old to learn a new language.
  • Smarter people take initiative to learn Chinese by themselves no matter how hard the language is.
  • Very smart people marry Chinese people to fasten their learning process. That's why you see a lot of western people love Asia's girls. Hahaha... perhaps this not really their intention?
So, how about you? Are you ready in 21st century? We used to proud of speaking English and now we're proud of speaking Mandarin, are we? At least few of my friends in State, they really proud of speaking Chinese and feel really exciting when they learn new words everyday.


Alvin said...

mandarin = good! :D people in KL shld learn to speak mandarin more, and not cantonese. :D then people like me can survive.

now... i jz need to learn how to read n write chinese properly :T

gerbert said...

cantonese is easier to understand. more cantonese please. hehe

ChampDog said...

Yes, mandarin is more useful than Cantonese and any other Chinese dialects. I think people in KL still know how to speak in Mandarin. It is just that they don't speak only. Anwyway, I think mandarin is also an universal Chinese language in Malaysia. If not, I won't be still surviving in Penang... hahaha...

Not only that, I love to hear Cantonese voice too. I heard Cantonese is the sweetest language among all other Chinese dialects. True?

Mt. said...

China did do a few smart things like decoupling from US currency and bi-lateral trades etc. ... but I wouldn't call it a done case yet, its still transitioning and USA is not going to let go of her dominant power that easy. Financially US folks are still smarter and more cunning than the 6000 years old fundamentalists. US folks are creating something out of nothing everyday, China folks are still thinking what to give you so that they can get what they want ....

ChampDog said...

I like the analogy that U.S. are creating stuff out of nothing everyday and China follows but they start taking power & influence slowly leaving U.S. has no choice to let you go one day? Will that possible?

Looking at smaller perspective in my Company for example, we have no choice to let China to take over more ownerships because they're doing a really good job as compared to the rest of the employees in different countries (including U.S.)

Pig said...

I'm definitely prepared. I'm well equipped. If you don't test me further on my literacy in Chinese, I can almost pass for a A1 student in Chinese :P Just don't ask me to write. I can type :P

ChampDog said...

I'm sure you are. My boss in US also can type but can't write. :)

Anonymous said...

China has a million man army, and personally I think the Chinese government is crazy! So of course they're going to be powerful. They'll force us by gunpoint to learn Chinese since they own U.S. debt!

jamy said...

Hi Champdog,

I have not been here for a long time, just check out my statcount and find a link from your site. So I check out on what is going on.

How is the wonderful project ? Are yu the owner of that site ?

I like Jim Roger, read his article at 2001, from him, I learn to invest gold and silver.

I have been busy doing extreme couponing. I have gotten free food all year long here. Very amazing here the coupon system work. If you learn the skill, you practically can live with expense of near $0.

I am not getting free from store but get them paid me to shop :):)

ChampDog said...

@zopob republic
I don't think they need to gunpoint US to learn Chinese. It will just happens naturally.

Long time no see. :) Nope, I don't own that website and I just found it in youtube. I"m glad that you're doing well in couponing. Keep up the good work!

Highest CD Rates said...

Yeah, i agree with you that Asian economy is getting stronger then many other economies. However, language is no barrier still we are dealing with Chinese and are comfortable in doing that. Learning language in not a big deal, it will come naturally, the way Chinese have learned English.

ChampDog said...

To me, learning a new language is a big deal for me. If I were to asked to learn Hindu language, I'm sure I will have the hard time and you have a point, if everything comes naturally then it maybe a different story.

Having said so, I do think that only minority of people will able to learn a new language at the adult age.

TCKhew said...

I am proud to be a Malaysian who graduated from a Chinese school. We learn to speak Malay, English and Mandarin in school, and learn other dialects like Cantonese, Hokkien,outside the school. I feel great of being able to speak so many languages due to living in a multi-racial country like Malaysia :)

ChampDog said...

Do you think learning too many language will actually make you not so smart? That's the reason why Singapore only limit their people to speak English and Mandarin only.

If you look the majority people in Malaysia, one of the common characteristics for most Malaysian is we can't really communicate that well. Could exposing to too many languages and dialect cause this?

Learning and knowing too many languages may not be good thing because you will end up you're not good at every languages. Thus, lack of confident in communication. I admit, I'm actually one of them who is not good in languages.

I'm just bring out this for the sake of discussion.

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