Friday, December 10, 2010

How to be Public Mutual Gold Member?

Ignore this post if you're not interested in Public Mutual funds (biggest unit trust company in Malaysia)

You may or may not have heard of it. There is a thing called “Mutual Gold” membership from Public Mutual. You will get this status when you have invested at least RM 100K investment in any of the load funds (i.e. funds that have sale charges). For example, investing in no-load funds (e.g. bond or fixed income fund) is not eligible for this Mutual Gold membership.

By the way, I got this status 2 months ago! :) This is how the package looks like:

It is calculated based on the Mutual Gold Qualifying Points (MGQP). Basically RM 1 of investment is equivalent to 1 MGQP points. You probably haven’t realized, this MGQP is also stated in your investment statement too.


(1) If I’m the second holder of the fund, am I qualified for MGQP?
 No. You must be the first holder of the fund to be qualified for MGQP. That also means that you should NOT simply switch to second holder especially you invest together with your spouse.

(2) What are the benefits of being Mutual Gold member?
Well, you can just check it out from the public mutual website here.

(3) If my fund’s NAV drops, will be my MGQP reduced too?
No, it won’t. It will be reduced if you sell your fund or switch to no-load fund (e.g. bond or fixed income fund).

(4) Will my MGQP increase if the NAV goes up?
No too. The capital gain from your investment will not be considered for MGQP. For example, your invest RM1K after 1 year, your balance become RM1.5K, your MGQP will still remain at 1000 points.

(5) Which benefits of Mutual Gold that you find most useful?
For me, I particularly like the following benefits of becoming the Mutual Gold member (well probably you have different list): 

  • Free personal accident insurance (Well, this is free insurance. Why not?)
  • Quarterly statement of accounts (Hope it at least provides more information than what I can get online)
  • Free switching fees - 18 switches per annual (No more excuse that I shouldn't switch to optimize my investment)
  • Email update for quarterly fund review (Not sure how useful this is, have to check it out)
  • Free will writing service (Cool, this is usually NOT free service)

p/s: Well, wish you will get your mutual gold member soon if you're public mutual investor. The next thing is the Mutual Gold Elite which required 500K MGQP(points).


Kris said...


Any significant benefit by being a gold member?

ChampDog said...

I guess not much if you define significant is something really big. I think it is merely just a status that comes with several benefits as stated. :D

Kris said...

Status: You got 100K in cold hard cash. :D

I guess the good benefits are the free personal accident insurance.

Maybe you should try out your benefits:

"Exclusive Mutual Gold Centre
Enjoy a drink and relax in the comfort and ambience of our Mutual Gold Centre while we attend to you."

Not sure how good is the service provided by Public Mutual.

ChampDog said...

Yes, I will. For the insurance, it comes with the form and what you need to do is fill it up and return back the form.

Hahaha... I"m not sure too. Maybe a pretty lady will come to talk to me in their office for Mutual Gold customer only. Will see how if have chance to visit their office.

Kris said...

Let me know if there is a pretty girl. Then i will become a member too :P haha

Alvin said...

wa...i think i only hv 10% of that in public mutual :P and i'm about to withdraw everything...soon..soon

ChampDog said...

Withdraw everything? Why?

electronic check said...

Go for the Gold but I doubt it is of any benefit other than maybe VIP customer service but really it's about how you transact your funds to yield and not just about status.

ChampDog said...

This is at least something that nice to have. Better than nothing! :)

Anonymous said...

I think if you are gold member, you also entitle to get Public bank Red Carpet member. (Public Bank priority banking)

ChampDog said...

Really or not? I don't read that.

Btw, I went to the Public Mutual office(Pulau Tikus, Penang), there is nothing special about the Gold member because the counter for Gold member is closed (I believe is closed all the time).

I think not many people are going to their office, therefore they just decided to close it. :D

Kris said...

I guess it is hard to have a gold member counter at every branch. See any pretty lady servicing the

ChampDog said...

Hahaha... unfortunately no. :(

Jayce said...

Wow... Lot of investments in Public Mutual. I prefer in stock market myself. Only left 5k in Public Mutual now. ^_^

ChampDog said...

Ya, so far my largest ROI is still stock although I"m not an active trader. Now start get into the Malaysian stock, see how it goes. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sharing. I just achieved my 100K MGQP last month. I haven't still receive official letters from PM. When you received this after you qualified for 100K?

ChampDog said...

1 to 2 months, I think. :)

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