Sunday, June 12, 2011

Open for Guest Posts and Guidelines

I have been receiving many guest post requests in the past and recently getting even more guest post requests in the past few months. I truly appreciate for those of you who interested to write a guest post in my blog. At least this tells that my blog is worth for you to write. Thank you so much! Having said so, I would also like to apologize to you that until today I have NOT even done a single guest post. Sorry, guys!

I usually do not able to get back to you in a timely manner due to busyness of my schedule. I know this is an excuse. So this is my fault then, please forgive me. But I will still definitely get back to you later on with some delays and I usually throw you ton of questions. First, probably I”m new in this guest posting stuff so I have a lot of questions to ask. Second, I want to make sure that whatever you write will be useful to the readers of this blog. Third, I also want to make sure I don’t want to waste your time to write an article that eventually I do not post it here. At the end of the day, I usually do not get any respond from you after that. I guess I have make you pissed off already? Again, sorry if this is the case…

In order to reduce my questions to you, I thought it will be easier for me to come out the guidelines for guest posting in this blog:

[Updated: Feb 7, 2012]: Added perquisite guideline to raise the bar slightly higher to encourage the guest post author to be more interactive and also to encourage the blog commenters to do a guest post. 

[Updated: May 27, 2012]: Added content guideline that the link must be related to personal finance website.. I want ultimately the provided link is the useful one. Sorry for any inconvenient cause.

[Updated: April 29, 2013]: Updated for no link is allowed requirement. Yeah I know, this will turn away you. :)

Prerequisite Guideline

  1. You had posted at least 5 relevant comments in this blog. 

Content Guidelines
  1. Anyone can do guest post (e.g. readers of this blog, other bloggers and etc.)
  2. The post cannot be for advertising purpose and must be relevant to personal finance. The post should be focusing on providing useful personal finance tips to the readers.
  3. Your post must be original and has never been be published anywhere else which including your own blogs or other places.
  4. Your post does not need to be agree with my line of thinking. I love and enjoy to accept different points of view. 
  5. No link is allowed unless I know who you are (e.g. frequent readers of this blog). 
  6. Your guest post is preferable written in simple HTML format. If you would want to submit in DOC format, it is also fine but please avoid fancy stuff. :)
  7. If you have picture, please include your picture in your guest post submission and mark it clearly where the picture or image should be displayed in the content.

Submission Guidelines
  1. If you’re okay with all these guidelines above and still interested to do a guest post in my blog, please send your guest post to me at
  2. I will try to reply within 48 hours and tell you whether I will accept the guest post or not. I may have questions or requests to the guest post and once we get the consensus, I will post that up as soon as I can. If I reject your post (I hope I won’t), you’re obviously free to use it anywhere as you like.
  3. Once I posted your article, I will drop an email to you for you to review.
P/S: Hope I don’t turn you guys off! Have fun writing!


Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

Hi friend.
Do you mean the link for the guest post, should have at least pagerank 2? Sorry for asking, I am interested but my personal finance blog is still new.

ChampDog said...

Yupe, that is what I mean. :) Cool, don't know that you have a personal finance blog too? :D Let's keep on blogging! :)

Kris said...

Congrats, ChampDog. It means that you are very popular :P

Investing in Mutual Funds said...

Why you are asking for Link to a PR 2 webpage,not sure this should be the criteria for guest post, there are many blogger who had just started to write but they write very useful posts.
Quality of content should be the only criteria for accepting Guest posts.

ChampDog said...

@Kris, I wouldn't say that. Perhaps you're even more popular! :) Okay, okay, the popular one is KClau not even both of us. :D

@Investing in Mutual Funds, Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree with you that there are many new good quality content out there and "Quality of Content" should be used for the criteria instead of using PR2.

One challenge for me is whether I have the time to review all those content. That's the reason I put PR2 as the requirement to help me to perform filtering by making assumption the site that having > PR2 should be reliable.

I know some may disagree with this approach but that is the only best option that I have for now given that I have limited time resource. At the end of the day, if I do not get any single guest post due to this PR2 requirement, I think I have to be fine with it.

Again, thanks for your suggestion and I really appreciate that!

Looking for a Car? said...

thanks for your information

ChampDog said...

You're welcome! Do check it my first guest post here:

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