Monday, November 07, 2011

Forgotten Wealth Formula - Have You?

It is very funny that I read back my very old post: Health and Wealth and I basically mentioned that although many people aware of the importance of the health, it is still always being forgotten especially in long run. The funny part is this applies to me as well until I did my blood test lately.

I did my full medical body check up 3 years ago, that indicated my cholesterol level (HDL, LDL and Triglycerides) are beyond the range and also had a fatty liver – specifically my SGOT-AST, SGPT-ALT and GGT levels are beyond the range as well. So from that time onwards, I was very concern on health. I controlled my diet very closely and did exercise (twice a week) for maybe for about a year. After that, I think I made an assumption that my health problem was fixed without any further blood test. So 2 years later, which is today – I do my blood test again and the results are similar with like before. So the problem was not really fixed at all and I’m back to square one! :( Here is my my screw up result:

Well, this tells one very important thing. You need to do regular blood test to remind yourself the importance of health especially if your blood test result is not good and you can’t make assumption. If your blood test result is good, it is recommended to do a blood test once a year and do not exceed 2 years. So now, I’m back to the cycle 3 years ago but the difference that I plan to made this time is I will do the blood test every 6 months to monitor my progress until normal. Hopefully everything is fine. So, wish me luck! By the way before I forget, I think this is the forgotten wealth formula:

Wealth = Money + Health +  Relationship

What do you think? However, my previous very old post again on definition of wealth did not include health and relationship (happiness). Somehow I defined wealth is to measure how far you are from financial independence or financial freedom in time unit.  That probably covers only 1/3 of the equations. I used to think of health to be added into wealth formula but I think “relationship” should be included as well because it affects your happiness. Imagine if you have money and health but you screw up your relationship with others, this may not be what you’re looking for.

P/S: Okay, I'm going to swim now. People say I scare of death after getting my blood test result but anyway this is more on improving my own health. :) Let's share your thought on this on topic. What is your definition of wealth?


MK - don't know much, want to learn more said...

I'd say Wealth = Money * Health * Relationship; get any 1 of the components zero or negative and Wealth is kaput :P

ChampDog said...

Good one to use multiplication instead.

Let's assume each of them is 10 maximum, then the total maximum wealth is 1000 for multiplication. If you get 5 of each Money, Health, and Relationship, the total you get is 125 out of 1000 which is a lot more lesser than 50%. For 7, you only get < 40% of total wealth.

In short, this requirement is a lot more harder. Just math... :):)

Jayce said...

Hmm... I need to improve all 3 of them. Especially relationship... ^_^"

ChampDog said...

Love relationship? :)

LCF said...

Eating out frequently has something to do with it. The cooking oil used, or when they don't remove the chicken skin and you end up consuming it 5 days/week. But it can't be avoided on weekdays, so now, I take veggie a lot :D
Mine's lower than your result, but not too far :P. Surprisingly my parents in their 60s, not actively exercising, have way lower total cholestrol - <4.0
I always an effort to cook at home with my partner once/twice a week on weekends.Cheaper and definitely healthier

ChampDog said...

Yes, the oil they use is the key. I will try to cook myself at home now on using olive oil and a lot more vegetables. :) I"m now starting to take the fish oil as well.

Have been doing a lot of research in this weekends related to many different kind oil and it's beneficial.

I believe your parents eat a lot of healthy food? Consume too much will cause this problem too. I like to eat a lot especially under pressure. That's not good.

kampunginvestor said...

Health is indeed wealth. Many ppl out there don't get to enjoy their wealth because they do not take care of their health.

In the end, the children will be the down having fun with parents hard work money.

Please take care of health as money can't buy you good health!

Just my 2 cents...!

ChampDog said...

Sorry for the late reply. I'm just coming back from vacation. :) lol :) I totally agree with you! I have been forcing myself to exercise everyday for few weeks. Hopefully this will continue. :)

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