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Welcome to 2012, What Are Your Resolutions?

Time flies and it has been quite some time I has not blogged about new year post since 2009. I think I should do this now because 2012 could be the last year that I can do this. Who knows the doomsday is true? I don’t want to miss the chance. :) D

You can also read my previous new year post (if you curious in my past):

Top 5 Accomplishments in the Past
  • Exceeded my career growth goal. Annual increment way beyond 7% annually and get promoted within 3 years to next level. Sounds good huh? But still, I”m not sure if this is a good thing because this makes me stuck even harder!
  • Health has been improving. Good cholesterol (HDL) has been increasing to the normal range and no longer have high uric acid. Sounds good but still having a lot of bad cholesterol and triglycerides that out of the normal range. The fatty liver has not been fixed. Overall, I still rated myself in bad condition.
  • Investment return is around 6% but good news is earn a lot of extra money from company stock options (way beyond 7%). Use the money from stock options to buy a landed property in Penang. This is something good to be an employee.
  • Finished settle my housing loan in 5 years. Suppose to be a good news because free from debt. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen because just kick off another loan account for the new house in Penang. Debt like never ending but I hope this is a good debt!
  • Part time blogging gains few more readerships especially for my financial and software blogs. The traffic has been increasing (i.e. ~15%) slowly as compared to last year. The rest of my blogs are as usual, not much increasing traffic due to low quantity of content.

Top 5 Resolutions in 2012

Improve Heath

Sounds simple huh? It is not that simple because every year I have this resolution. These are the few things that I have been doing in the past 2 months and I should continue to do that:
  1. Reduce meal by > 50% and eat very less meat and sugar.  
  2. Exercise everyday for 1 hour
Measure of success is to fix my medical report. I should do the check up every 3 months.

Stock Investment

Study and become familiar with technical analysis. Select few companies and perform both fundamental and technical analysis on them and blog about it.

Measure of success is to have ROI > 14%.

Migration to Australia

Study and research the pros and cons of migrating to Australia. Apply for PR when the possibility to get is higher than 80%. Also, look at what are the skills that I need to acquire so that I can get a job there (assuming if I decide to migrate there). Unless there is an semi-conductor field there (but unlikely), then I will have less worry. Things still at the early stage at this point in time anyway.

Measure of success is to apply migration to Australia by end of 2012.

Setup Travel Blog

Since my life partner has been traveling to so many places, she is asking my help to setup a blog for her. I think that is a good idea too. Anyway this shouldn’t be very hard but I think the hardest part is more on the content. I will leave that to her and hopefully she is not just saying for fun. We will see…

Measure of success is to post 12 posts by end of Dec. This is the goal I set to her. lol! :)

Stretch goal: Become iOS Developer

Not sure if this is realistic or not because I have been wanting to do this for quite sometime. The thing is I need to get the Mac book air to do this which I have been unwilling to invest in the past. Also, time is another factor. That’s why I put this as a stretch goal in 2012.

Measure of success is to develop one application for iPad or iPhone by end of 2012 and get approved in “App Store”.

What are your 2012 resolutions?

Have you set your goals or resolutions yet for 2012? If you’re blogger, you may paste your link here so I will take a look at that as well. Setting goals needs to be S.M.A.R.T if you do not aware of this. The hardest part for me for setting goals is “achievable” because I usually do not accomplish all the goals I set. However, I think that’s the right way too because you do not want to achieve 100% of your goals. This basically means your goals are not challenging enough.

Please set your goals if you haven't do it. You may have different goals. For example. goals for your personal, goals for your business and goals as a employee of a company.

Wish you guys all the best and Happy New Year 2012!!


Alvin Lim said...

my 2011 goal for stock was to hv 15% return....but ended up with 2.5% return. hahahaha. ok la, at least not rugi :P

2012, same, 15% return. stock purchasing plan has not been doing just gonna park there as emergency fund.

ios developer i gave up in 2011 coz too competitive. gonna focus on web application instead :D

thought of buying a property but the price is not affordable for me at all :(

i've wiped off my uric acid in 2011 already. but cholesterol remained the same. gonna go for another round of check soon. :D

oh ya and for fatty liver, there's a simple cure....stop drinking alcohol :P

happy new year :D

ChampDog said...

15% for stock return is reasonable. :) and good to hear that you at least not losing in 2011. lol!

What kind of Web application? To be competitive in writing iOS application, we need to look at the niche. The one that I can think of is education but it seems like a lot people have already started that already. Need to think differently somehow. The hardest part is I don't even know how to write a simple application. So, still far to go. :)

For fatty liver that caused by alcohol drinking, it can fixed easily as long as we stop drinking. Unfortunately for my case, it is not caused by the alcohol. It caused by my cholesterol that eventually build up the fat around the liver. Exercise is the key to reverse the fatty liver. :( Too bad huh...

Happy new year to you too! :)

Simple Person said...

Congrat on your achievements.
Why migrate to Australia?

ChampDog said...

Thanks! Interesting question in fact. I think the main pulling factor is mostly for future child and own retirement. I'm just exploring the alternative for better living in future.

There are a lot of things to consider. It appears to be good to migrate over there but interview few people and relatives, it turns out not as easy as we thought.

So need to think carefully for this move if really want to go for it! Malaysia is a good country too but it could be better if our political is strong. :)

What about you? Ever thinking of migration?

Simple Person said...

I never thought of migrating and I am enjoy to stay in Malaysia.
I am just simple person and live in a simple life...
Life will be more happy that way...

There is nothing perfect in this world.
We will be very tired/stressful if we always try to change/improve the situation....

I am just grateful and happy for what I had achieved.

My simple life :-
I enjoy my work (it kinda stressful as I am in the management level), spending some good times with my good friends (drinking 1x/week),relaxing, exercise and catch up with my family & relatives during the weekend.

I don't invest in the stock but constantly follow up the market trend. I increase my knowledge and prepare for the "Right timing"

I have a couple of properties in KL but all still under bank loan.

Just a simple person...

P/S : Lets exchange views if you have any good investment ideas.

ChampDog said...

Being simple is good. :) My life is as simple as yours too. I think for simple life, we should learn how to let go and live at the present. That's the key to enjoy your life.

But however being simple until do not know what's happening at the environment is not good in my opinion. As you said, even though you don't invest in stock, you still stay close to the market trend. Anyway, some may use simple life as being ignorance and I think that is the right way.

Sure, we can exchange any views not only related to investment. That's the purpose of blogging! :) Appreciate your comment by the way. Thanks and wish you all the best in 2012!

Kris said...

I don't review resolution too last time. Only, i realized that i need to capture down what I did the previous year. Because in the working world, time flies so damn fast!!

Yup. At first i thought also fatty liver has to do with alcohol, but it is also related to cholestrol building up.(after I ask a non-drinker friend)

I thought migrating for a experienced blue collar job, plus with $$$ should be easier. Although i know that Australia is tightening the requirement nowadays. How about migrating to the US or Canada?

L said...

if migrate out of msia how is the process to transfer equity(shares/unit trust) while migrating? wont have problems?

ChampDog said...

Yes, agree that time flies especially in working world. I tried to come and leave office on time but it seems like getting more backlog everyday. I hope this is something sustainable of course without sacrificing my performance.

You mean white or blue collar? I think I'm white collar. Blue collar is easier especially if you have money and want to start a business. Because you help to create the job opportunity there.

Yupe, it is getting harder as compared to few years back but relatively it is still easier if you compare to Europe or US/Canada.

Yes, I have been thinking of US/Canada too because my spouse will have a better chance to get a job there than I'm. For me is a little bit harder especially now I"m in management. A little bit competitive for me.

Anyway, not easy one for migration. I'm not really a risk taker person. I do things with all calculated risks. That's why not so easy! lol! :)

ChampDog said...

@L, I think we can just sell those and convert to cash. From cash, then you can bring it over. :)

LCF said...

Hey folks, I think engineers and managers are all white collar. Blue collar would be those without a degree and doing manual labour; not saying that blue collar job is low-class or what because skilled jobs like mechanic makes a lot of money too. I don't quite get the part where blue collar job creates more job opportunities when you migrate :(. Some elaboration maybe ChampDog?

fibonachi said...

Wow, here very nice comments )
I will travel this year very much. And for me this will start my travel blog also as you mentioned above.

Jacob said...

Hi, my goals are to learn more about government bonds, although I should probably add some exercise in their too :)

ChampDog said...

@LCF, I mean when you open a business there, you basically create more job opportunities. :) Sorry for the confusion.

@fibonach, cool! Unfortunately, this year I may have less travel. Have been travel like > 5 times per year in the past. Let me know your travel blog when you have it! :)

@Jacob, I used to have few government bonds but now no longer have it. It usually a safe return for government bond. Yes, me too, exercise! So far, I have been continuously exercise at least 5 times per week.

farmland investments said...

I need to pay down credit card debt - its become way too high. About US$5,000. I never let that happen to me before and want to end the year debt free!

ChampDog said...

The feeling of debt free is very nice. :) Wish you all the best then! Hopefully by end of this year, you will be debt free!

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