Friday, July 05, 2013

Should I Buy Mid-range or High-end Smartphone?

If you're a gadget guy like me, you're always interested in the high-end smartphone rather than the mid-range one. However, the problem is this high-end smartphone will usually become a mid-range smartphone after less than a year and this makes it pointless for your to aim for a high-end smartphone anymore.

Here I list down the reasons (other than the above one) why I think mid-range smartphone is good enough.

Reasons Mid-Range is Good Enough

  • It is a lot more cheaper as compared to high-end smartphone. You can get 2x cheaper for mid-range but do you get 2x features and speed? Obviously no.
  • The usability and features are 99% the same. What can be done in high-end smartphone can be done in mid-range smartphone too. It is about the OS version that it runs. :)
  • Yes it runs slower than the high-end smartphone due to processor speed BUT after you install whole bunch of applications, they're both slow! So what is the difference? lol
  • No one knows you're carrying a mid-range smartphone because it looks almost the same with the high-end one. Look at Samsung Galaxy products, they all look the same!
  • Screen resolution is usually lower for mid-range smartphone but do you know it runs faster with lower resolution? The font is big which makes it easier to read also.
  • Some mid-range smartphones have dual SIM card support which is extremely useful for those who travel oversea often or those who carry 2 phones. Most high-end smartphones do not have dual SIM support now.

By the way, Camera and video recording is important, at least to me. Aim for those mid-range smartphone that offers equal or slightly lower camera and video's spec than those high-end smartphone.

That's the reason I bought Samsung Galaxy Grand lately!!! lol :) It serves all the above reasons and also with high camera and video's spec. :)

Honestly, if you're planning to buy smartphone, let's aim for the mid-range smartphone will do. No point go for a high-end one from personal finance perspective. Save your money and at the same time you still can achieve the purpose that you want to do with the phone. :) Just my 2 cents...

P/S: Perhaps that is also the reason iPhone is slowly died off because they don't have any mid-range phone? :)


Kris said...

How much you bought it?

I never heard of Galaxy Grand before though. Then again, I seldom follow phone releases.

ChampDog said...

RM 1K. The market price is RM 1099 and you can get it cheaper directly from dealer.

It was released early of this year. There is the latest version of Galaxy Grand with Quad-core (released in May) but I don't like it because it comes with lower spec except just the processor.

I don't follow phone releases too. Just that lately I"m researching smartphone for my father in law and realized that mid-range phone is good enough to serve all usages! lol :)

kampunginvestor said...

Buy something that you like regardless of the price. :)

Anyway you can try looking at Lenovo P770. Cheap and good! :)

Have a look..

ChampDog said...

If buy something I like, then it is definitely as high-end as possible! lol

Wow, cool. Lenovo also has smartphone?

Look at the spec, quite similar to Samsung Galaxy Grand and it supports dual-sim too! Only the camera spec is not that good as compared to Grand.

How much of it? You own this?

kampunginvestor said...

Bro, cheap only. RM 699! There is one with a bigger screen one.. RM799! Not value for money? ha ha

Cheap n good!

ChampDog said...

Maybe I will consider that for my parents! :)

kampunginvestor said...

So have you bought the phones i recommended to ya? ^+^

ChampDog said...

No lar, not so soon yet. :)

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