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Setia Greens Cassia Type for Sale in Sungai Ara, Penang

I bought this house 2 years+ ago from SP Setia and initially I did plan to stay for my own but who knows plan changed that I need to sell this house now. :(

For the product detail, you can visit the official page here. Below is the master plan for Setia Greens. The arrow shows where my house is.

It is basically divided 2 phases. The first phase consists of terrace and semi-detached houses. The second phase consists of semi-detached, bungalow and condominium. Landed properties here are all 3 stories.

My house is in the middle of this row! :) This picture was taken while still in construction but almost complete. Now, few houses has moved in already.

If you're interested or maybe your friends interested, please contact me through email: "".

[Update: 27 Feb 2016]: Sorry, this property was sold long time ago and I don't have time to update this post. May bad, and you don't need to contact me anymore.

Why I bought this property?

Perhaps it is good for me to share my thought process why I decided to buy this property and you can take them as reference in your buying considerations.

Price Per Sq Feet is Cheaper
  • It is cheaper in terms of price per Sq. feet as compared to condominium in Penang. In other words, landed property is selling cheaper than non-landed property. Isn't that worth to buy landed then?
Land Title is Individual and Not Strata
  • Strata title is an apartment title which means the land is not totally owned by you as compared to individual title. This means you can't simply extend your house and do renovation. I just feel weird that having landed property with apartment title where you don't have complete control on your land.
  • There are pros and cons of it and it is totally up to the individual preference. This trend is starting from KL and brought it over to Penang. A good example of this kind of property is "Southbay" from Mah Sing group, near the second Penang bridge.
  • Another benefit of Individual title is the maintenance fee is cheaper. Maintenance fee for Strata title's properties is usually way expensive. This is a concern for long term especially when you retire or don't have a job one day. Ultimately in my opinion, you don't want the maintenance fee to be one of your biggest expenses. 
Gated and Guarded (by Fence)
  • One of the main benefits of landed property with Strata title is they usually offer gated and guarded services. However, the Setia Greens offer this service too with individual title. Isn't the best to have similar services without the need for Strata title? 
Setting Sun is Blocked by the Hill
  • Apart of north-south orientation of the house (my house is facing south by the way) where your house is not facing directly to rising and setting sun, the setting sun is also blocked by the hill in second phase at west. This is very good, you won't feel very hot during evening time. For those who have stayed in landed property before will know what I"m talking. :)
Not too Close to the Hill & Fence
  • I choose the house in the middle of the row for the reason of it is not too close to the hill and the fence. I don't randomly pick. It is also located in the middle of the whole area there. I don't like to be too close too the border, it doesn't feel right for me unless I don't have a choice.
Environment is for Residential
  • I like this place because the environment is really for residential. People usually choose landed property in Sungai Ara area is because of this factor. Unlike some other landed properties which are very near to the commercial units, I feel those property are not really for residential. But again,  you can argue the other way round and I guess this is up to personal preference again.
Multiple Routes to Setia Greens
  • If you follow my blog, one of my key criteria before I invest in a property is look at how many routes to that area (see my previous blog post here). Specifically to Setia Greens, there are 2 routes. If you look at the bigger area (i.e. Sg Ara), there are at least 3 routes. This has already met my minimum requirement (i.e. 2 routes), therefore is good to invest for me.
It is Freehold 
  • Needless to say more, it is freehold. I'm not dare to buy leasehold property although it is cheaper.
Service is Reliable
  • SP Setia is a very reliable developer and their service is not perfect but when you complain, they will take it seriously and ultimately fix the problems for you. I heard many developers services out there are pretty bad especially the after sale service. 

Well, you may think I'm biased but that was really my thought process of buying this property. If not, why I buy? lol.

The only CONCERN I had when was deciding whether to buy this property is the traffic condition. So I tried to experience it myself during morning hours and after working hours to see how bad is the condition.

To be frank, it is still acceptable to me. You just don't use the route from Relau which I find it always jam badly during peak hours (due to no traffic light and narrow road). Having said that, there is plan to widen the roads and once it is done, I believe it will be a lot better. The traffic light is already there now and it reduces the long queue problem already.

P/S: Hope that helps. If you have any questions about my property, feel free to drop me an email:

You can also put your comments here in this blog if you have any additional comments to add - it is fine if you disagree with me.


Alvin Lim said...

you're migrating? too bad not familiar with Penang. so wont invest there (and no money also. LOL)

ChampDog said...

Yupe, in planning but don't know when yet.

Sure you have no money? Borrow from Bank, then got money already! lol

kampunginvestor said...

Ni jiu hao lor.. :) Congrats ya brother.. sure make money mia this property.. don't ask why but sure will


ChampDog said...

Congratulation? But I haven't sold yet and anyway doesn't make a lot of money also even if sold. :)

I still need to pay back the bank's penalty. Perhaps, I should just wait if I can't get any genuine buyer.

kampunginvestor said...

Bro, why pay all this penalty.. If can wait just wait..

Please do not enrich the government d.. :) They will make your hard earned money disappear and maybe will ask you to go to the SEA to find it.. :)

ChampDog said...

lol all missing money can be found in see!!! :)

Yupe, if can't sell - then i will just wait lor.

A lot of buyers lately because of rumors that stamp duty and RPGT will be increased again in next year.

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