Sunday, June 29, 2014

Don't Use Hot Water Directly from Water Tap

This is just a short sharing on using the water tap for drinking that I found out recently.

Although many developed countries can drink water directly from water tap, not many of us aware that it is not advisable to take the hot water directly from it. I used to it is okay but not really. It is better that you boil the water if you want the hot water! :)

I found this statement from New South Wales (NSW) Health website and it goes like this:

Use water taken straight from the cold water tap for drinking and cooking. Hot water systems generally contain more dissolved minerals and metals, due to the heating process.

However, I read in the forum and some people say these minerals and metals are too little that can be neglected. Maybe they are right but I guess this also depends on your body whether you can detox them effectively in long run? I"m not sure, can we detox lead? I leave it to you. :)

Another tip is when water has not been used for sometimes, it is is better to flush it for few minutes before drinking. This is because of water that has been standing in pipe for long time can dissolves metals (e.g. copper and lead) which are bad for health.

Happy Sunday!


Lyn said...

Are you leaving in Sydney?
I have just landed Melbourne and will soon work in Canberra. Do you dare to drink cold tap water?

ChampDog said...

Yupe, I'm living in Sydney now. Canberra is a nice place, my friend just moved there from Sydney. Let me know it goes. You get a job there, I assume?

I've been drinking water directly from tap water since I landed here end of last year. Tap water is safe to drink here in Australia. :)

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